We need to talk about The Little Black Book of Fly Fishing

It was a battle in the summer of 2006 in the mountains in western Wyland.But this is not your traditional battle. This is the beginning of a new protection brand. There are two long -term journalists & mdash; strangers of each other & mdash; discovering themselves at the front line.

Two years ago, Edhata’s reporter and writer Chris Hunt, "Idaho State Journal" in Pocatello’s "Idaho State Journal), as an enforcement editor, as infinitely as catfish,Director of the public land initiative of the organization.HUNT (HUNT) has been awarded the award -winning writer and reporter of the news agency.Three years ago, he won the outstanding award of Dolly Conneelly in the environmental journalism, a series of articles in the environmental journalism industry, and studied the local Cutthroat Trout of Western countries.Over the years, his work in environmental and protection of the news industry has been recognized by the Professional Journalists Association, the Pacific Northwestern Newspaper Association and the Associated Press.From many perspectives, his rise in Western press.

At the same time, Kirk Deeter was busy exercising his writers and reporters.Over the years, he has written pleasant topics, such as steroids in exercise. Three years ago, he held a editor in the general position of Field & Stream, where his key points were transferred to articles about fishing and MDash.Especially fishing.In the end, he and a business partner founded the Angling Trade Magazine, which was hone on the business side of the fly fishing industry.He is also the author of several successful books. He also carved a country name for himself in the fishing and outdoor writing community.

In their career, both reporters were fortunate to be able to interact with Charlie Meyers, a long -term outdoor editor and writer of the Denver Post.DEETER lives in Corpoado’s little Pai En, about an hour west of Denver on the mountain.HUNT grew up in Littleton, remembering to read me when he was a kid.DEETER and Meyers through their joint work contact Field and flow And become a fast friend.HUNT and Meyers know each other as Hunt, which is Hunt, which is a novice to protect the stage, but is interested in important protection issues involving wild and local catfishIt is clarified that he often meets Miye and often pushes him to an important story.It was described as a mentor of Hunter and Date, which was described by Hunter and Date.

However, it wasn’t until the Jackson Fork Ranch on the Hyedohuma Hoabak River gathered together, and Hunter and Date met.There, these three writers & mdash; meyers, deeter and hunt & mdash; they will meet for the first time, and they will represent Wyou Mingzhou wild and local catfish.

Northern.But this is & mdash; and it is still & mdash; the three different subspecies of the Cutthroat catfish in this machine.Within Waiomang and Mingzhou, the green river drainage pipe divided from high Tri-Basin is the location of the Cutthroat catfish in the Colorado River.The Xionghe drainage flows from the same gap to the southwest, and is the home of Bonneville Cutthroat catfish.The drainage of the snake river starts from the same gap and flows east. It is the homeland of the local snake rivers with fine spots.These three species are facing an uncertain future within Wyou Mingzhou, because the oil and natural gas industries are attracting the region and plans to transform it into industrial -grade chess pieces.

Hunter invited DEETER and Meyers & MDash on behalf of Tu; and many reporters from regional newspapers, TV shows, etc. to participate in the four -day media tour, and the public land initiative team of Tu & RSQUO will show them the scope of Wyoming and share itThe challenges they face and hope to get some positive media reports from the event.However, the most important thing is that this activity will show the traditionally conservative athletes and women’s locks in the energy industry to the legislators and agents.Their pastime is important, and the fish that happens to their recreation is also important.

In the end, the Waioming State Heritage Law passed the Congress Building and obtained the signature of President George W. Bush in the summer of 2008.This marks an important milestone in the modern protection movement.Hunters and fishermen suddenly became important, and they performed on the entire ending line.Without them, today’s Waiomang and Mingzhou range may be completely different.

The conferences of Miyeus, Date and Hunter all triggered important things.After driving back to Denver, after fishing with Hunter in the wild, Date and Miyez were made. Little Red Fishing BookFrom casting to knot, direct flight mode & mdash; this is the compilation of experience for decades, which is attributed to pocket water suggestions.

Unfortunately, Miyeus has never read this book.He died of cancer in January 2010.They & rsquo; VE traveled around the western fishing, visited Bahamas, looked for bone fish, and made several Parker on the waters of Saskatchewan.DEETER’s urging of Hunt & RSquo to take over Catfish magazine year 2010.Hunter continued to cooperate with Deeter until 2021.He is now a full -time free journalist (he often does Incubation magazineTo.

Therefore, when Skyhorse Publicishing is close to the deeter Little Red Fishing BookDeeter agreed, but the premise is that Hunter will join him.In addition, HUNT and Deeter wrote several books.This summer, Skyhmerse published Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing & Mdash; The first joint efforts of the two groups.Suitable is that it is committed to the late Charlie Meyers.

The following is about this book. He and Deeter’s long -term partnership and friendship question and answer, of course, also meyers.

Q: What is the best part of cooperation with Kirk Deeter in this project?

Answer: In the process of writing materials, we occasionally play with each other and use each other to improve the information we provide to readers.Kirk is one of the most intuitive fishermen in history.I always tell him that I like to fish with him because I always learn some new things.That’s all.He is a former guide, and a good guide will never let customers get off the boat until they learn some new things.

Q: What is the best prompt provided by Deeter in the book?

Answer: Everyone is great & mdash; as I said, every time we fish together, I will learn from Kirk.Spirit Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing It is its color.This is a senior course in the craftsmanship, which is very suitable for fishermen who are preparing to "ski black diamonds" on fishing slope.Therefore, Kirk’s prompt is that I tend to use the most useful techniques when fishing: "A great coverage is worth 1,000 currencies." Not everyone has in his or her actor watch ownInstant coverage; in fact, I recommend that most fishermen do not.But a few years ago, Kirk instructed me to reach it, and I found that I was using it.a lot of.Like & hellip; just last week, when I was fishing for urban draft in Houston.I have to throw away a lot of lines & mdash; just like it is no more than I am willing to throw & mdash; reach a channel city Bayou.Then, I had to drift, almost put the flies on the nose of a vegetarianist. Really difficult Capture.To do this, I have to study the toolbox in depth and pull out the coverage.Because, as Kirk pointed out in the book, the repairs that can be within the air occur in the air.The best position for those grass carp is about three feet above the target fish.With the coverage, I can get a reliable drift of about four feet.I was guided by Buddy Deeter and grabbed the infamous picky draft.

Q: What is your best prompt?

Answer: I grew up fishing in the catfish fishing in the Corolado.I still fish for the creek today; every opportunity I get.I would rather walk and wading, catfish catfish or Brook catfish stream, and even knew that I was going to catch small fish instead of fishing on a long drift ship on a long West River.I think many fishermen believe that when they start to deal with larger water, they "graduate" from the stream.The fact is that the small water is the same as the big water, but it is just the point.I learned to hone my skills on the stream & mdash; from reading water, casting, insect learning, flies and all content in hell; you named it.They all transform into larger water.I told those who struggled on the big water to narrow the size, and I mean, "tied to smaller flies."I mean, walking out of Henry’s fork, strolling to some mountain streams, and "back to school".You can practice in small water and shorten the learning curve.You will never graduate from the stream and graduate.You just forget, or you are fascinated by the opportunity to capture bigger catfish.However, if we are willing to use it, the classroom is always there.

Q: What will Charlie Meyers think of this book?

Answer: This is easy.Charlie is now smiling from the perfect Maoya Creek in the sky & mdash; he will definitely like to be a good friendship and a good partnership for many years.Charlie met a lot of people, and he could have gone with him in Huaoming’s trip a few years ago.He accepted my invitation and insisted on Kircook’s coming & hellip; Okay, that was his generous nature.He knew Kirk and I would succeed, but he also knew that we continued to perform this heritage and shared the spectacles of flying fishing with the world in the next few years.

Q: What is your next step with Kirk?

Answer: I will not rule out another cooperation, but we are pursuing new projects.I set up a travel company with two other great fishing partners. Cocker is strengthening the fishing trade and maintaining Trout Readers investigated the importance of protection.I am more busy with the forefront of freelancers; it is really great.I learned one year in the year I wanted to learn last year.If someone tells me, I will not work harder or smarter than when you work for yourself.Yes, the boss may be painful on the ass, but he will take responsibility more responsible than any paper that promotes Sycophant.However, we will cooperate again on other seductive fishy projects again, even if it is not another book.

Q: You mentioned that this book is suitable for experienced fishingians.Can novices learn anything from it?

Answer: Oh, of course.But I recommend reading books in the order of expected.This Little Red Fishing Book There is a permanent position on my table & mdash; even today, it is an honest Gothic reference material for me.This is also a way to hear Charlie in my mind.However, yes, this little black book is only the first batch of efforts published by Kirk to the first batch of efforts in recent years.And, listen, fishing is not a rocket science.But this does require discipline, patience and repeat; practice.I don’t know the same tendency of another fishingman in the country.He is very similar to Charlie, and I think this is why I like him so much.And why our friendship lasts.

Question: How long do you fish with Cocker together?

Answer: Not frequently.Now, we are particularly busy with different projects.But he moved to the steam boat, and I like the part of Colorado.For a long time, we wet a line again.but I think Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing IS & RSquo N To Kirk and I are "authorities" in fishing.If you read it carefully, you will notice a lot of suggestions & mdash; even most & mdash; for many years, all other fishermen we fishing come from our fishing.We are very lucky to travel around the world to fish.Kirk & RSquo’s experience is unparalleled; he fishing from Tasmania to the Panino Peninsula in Russia, he was fishing anywhere, and he brought home a small wisdom.me either.Sometimes, when I cast catfish, I hear the annoying sound of my favorite Argentine Flying Flying Guide in my mind, or hear a brief suggestion of Cree Pike Guides in Saskatchewen.If all we do are fishing together and only write these experiences, this book is almost worthless.

Paul Ulrich: 98 Years Old and Fly Fishing-A Tale of Wyoming’s Strength & Spirit

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Columnist Paul Ulrich

My family has always been an outdoor family.As long as I remember our most valuable period, they have been camping, hunting and fishing.Early memories of our fishing journey were still vivid in labeling in large -scale game hunting and our annual sage hunting.

I can still feel the smell of autumn bed and Dutch oven dinner.Coffee, Grandorra Omest Bar, we went to explore.We searched the Shawshen National Forest, the grassland of the grassland in the lakes and rivers of Wyoming, and wrapped from ham forks and rivers to wood and Graibur River and the river in the sun.

For us, a constant is passed down from generation to generation.My grandparents have been there, always contributing and teaching.I am not always the best student.But the love and patience of the grandparents often overcome.

I remember a "fine" moment with my grandfather hunted outside Meeteetse.There are some old oil wells around us.The Jack pump is interesting and very interesting for children.

Should I ride on it and imitate the lane cream?Should I grasp the cable and ride a bike?Or I should be alone instead of idiot.I chose the second option, and then locked on the cable like Tom Cruise Insport, and then went to the doll.?

Zero considers the danger, let alone cover my oil now.I remember that butt lasted for a few days.

Therefore, I will continue my life in the outdoor activities that are trying not to be an idiot.However, the focus of this story is gratitude.Thanks to my grandfather looking at me.I used to also thank my parents and grandparents very much for their outdoor activities and like to share with us.The generation of outdoor knowledge is Wyoming.Including the harm of oil wells.

My grandfather’s parents arrived at Wyoming in the late 1800s and had reached the Homestead and Ranch on the large horn basin on the truck and train.This story is that because the truck has no space, my grandfather walked from his family from the home of Kansas.My grandmother’s parents arrived after the intercourse of the century and worked at the oilfield outside Casper.After moving to Kody, my grandparents met, and the rest were history. 

For my great -grandparents and grandparents, as well as the entire childhood, financial limited entertainment (and food).Hunting and fishing provide family time and put food on the table.This is still the case for many families in Waioming.

The lifestyle of Wyoming has also been breeding. Sometimes it is difficult to consider toughness and life.Therefore, the reason for this column.

Our family has always conducted multi -generation camping and hunting trip.I didn’t realize how important this behavior was until I started to travel short -distance travel this year.When you have a grandparents who have always been part of your life and are healthy, you often take it for granted.

I plan to take a few days under the shadow of the Fenghe Mountains of the New Tanzhu.We like to fish. As much as possible, my fishing partner is my grandmother’s brother.Uncle Harry and I have been fishing a lot in the past few years, which is very special. 

He started flying fishing in Cody in the 1930s and tied his flies and never stopped.I call Harry the best flies in the West, and no one has heard of it.

Think about whether the Terminator wants to fly.Some people, parts machine and a single concern to fishing.Over the years, he has taught me a lot about fishing.

Earlier this summer, a major health problem led him to get rid of the predicament and put our trip in the late summer.I am also worried that he might not be able to fish anymore.For those who grew up in Wyoming Mountains, Harry rebounded in more than a month, and this trip began.He was ready to fish.

I contacted my family, and we put the trip into practice.My first call was for my grandmother.Has she got up for a few days camping and fishing?Her answer is yes, what can she bring.She will drive.  

Now, my grandmother is 98 years old.Her brother Harry is only 92 years old.Where do you see me going?Are you bringing a 98 -year -old and 92 -year -old camping?Yes, the four generations gathered together to participate in the bonfire, walking and a lot of fishing.The highlight is that my 98 -year -old grandmother fished out in real time, and my uncle Harry was fishing among us.

Neither of them was free to load.My grandmother helped to pack the firewood.Harry destroyed me on the lake to help me manage fishing.

I got a lot of inquiries about my grandmother and Harry.She lives alone, golf, traveling around the world, never missing the opportunity to fish.Harry fishing throughout the west has almost no signs of slowing down.Is it a gene?Is the air and water in Wyoming?Perhaps eating elk, print, and sage.

 I do n’t know, but watching my mother continues to ride, kayak, hunting, fishing, it is active for about 18 hours a day. I hope this is a gene.My lifestyle will definitely change this narrative, but this is good news for my sister.I hope my sisters can fish in the 1990s as the same energy and strong man. 

This is a trip to remember, a less strange reminder, our time is everything with our family.

I am sure that our family is not unique.Share your story, tell our beautiful Wyouming family, our difficult nail parents, grandparents and great -grandparents, and they teach us the amazing lessons about outdoor activities.?

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Fly Fishing 101: Fly Line Anatomy Explained

Award -winning reporter and photographer Andrew McLemore, Andrew McLemore, brought more than 14 years of experience for him to serve as Lola Digital Media.Andrew is a musician, a mountaineer and traveler, currently living in CUENCA, and he is used as a home for the entire American adventure.When he did not write, performs or explores outdoor activities, he went out to play with the dog Campana.

Get Outdoors: Fly fishing guide to present trout fishing seminar

    The second year of the lantern journey to split the rock story: 6:15 pm, 6:45 pm, at 7:15 pm, 7:15 pm, Split Rock Lighthouse, 3713 Split Rock Lighthous Road, two ports.A few hours later, exploring the ground of Split Rock LightHthouse and hearing bold survival stories for decades.Tickets are limited, only in

    EssenceEach trip is limited to 20 people.

    The Gitche Gumee Branch of the Diaoyu Lake Surry County at the Diaoyu Lake in the Emperor Unlimited Symposium: On October 13th in the afternoon, Room 175 of the University of Delus University at the University of Minnesota.Carl Haensel proposed that the northern flying fishing guide pointed out.Open to the public for free.UMD’s Flying Fishing Club is a co -sponsor.

    UMD leisure sports outdoor plan Provide the following activities: To register, please call 218-726-7128, email

    • Multi -person rock clinic: On October 14, 5-7 in the afternoon, the North Bank WallEssence Learn about the skills and skills of climbing multiple heights.Practice how to set up the middle route of the anchor point, pull up the rope, and then reset another full -length climbing.Then, try to get back to the ground.Cost: $ 10 UMD Student Member/Other $ 25.Prerequisites: UMD Sport Lead Belay certification.Registered before noon on October 14.
    • Wilderlashed and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification courses: From 6 pm to 9:00 October 14th and 9:00 am from October 15th to 16th in the pm, Bagley Nature District Classroom, UMD.An accident happened.The WFA and CPR courses organized by Solo Wilderness Medicine & Cast Outdoor Adventures were 19 hours (Friday night to Sunday); 75 % of the course was based on solution -based outdoor activities.Fee: $ 249 UMD student members/other $ 299. Registered before noon on October 12.Limited space; register early.

    ATV safety site daily lesson: At 9 am on October 15th, Barnum Fair ST. 3756 Fire Hall.You must be 10 years old before the field.Bring ATV and security equipment.To register, please call 218-590-9277 to contact William Irving.

    Sugarloaf Cove Natural Center event: 9096 W.minnesota Highway 61, Schroeder.Free.go

    For a complete event calendar.

    • Nature Daily: Autumn on the North Shore: 10am to October 15th, October 15th.Expenses: $ 45, member of 40 US dollars.

      and many more.

    John Beargrease (John Beargrease) Slesles Dog Marathon 2022 FUR-K: On October 22, DECS North Star Academy and Duluth’s Snowflake Nordic Ski Center.For runners, hiking travelers, Pacers or Canyon (running with your dog) and 1K children’s competition offer 5K or 10K competitions.The start of the competition: 10K, 9:30 am; 5K, 10 am; run with 1K children, noon.Face -to -face registration will have local suppliers, music, bomb jumping, children’s activities, sled dog meetings, barrels and bunar lottery activities, and after the game held in Bent PaddleGathering activities.Almost from October 21st to 23rd.register

    For more information, please transfer to

    Fight with BuckThorn: At 10 am on October 29th, Calton Jay Cook State Park.While helping delete it while understanding BuckThorn.Bring a meal, gloves and safety goggles.Meet at the River Inn Visitor Center.Rain Date: October 30.Email Lori Seele

    Or Alyssa bloss

    something wrong.register

    The 5th annual Aurora Summit: From November 4th to 6th, the legendary waters of the red cliff in Wisconsin.The activity includes more than ten theme education meetings; photography and photo editing seminars; expert round tables for camera problems; gear exchange meeting; a Aurora Chase group; and more.The keynote speaker is Tamitha Skov. He is a qualified space weather physicist named "Space Weather Woman" in her popular social media and video platform.COVID-19 requires vaccination; guests must register.For more information or registration, please visit

    EssenceThe speaker lineup includes:

    • Bob King introduced "What is Aurora, how does it happen? When should I watch?" And "You don’t want to miss the upcoming celestial activity."
    • Jeanine Holowatuik, showing "the basic principle of Aurora photography".
    • Vincent Ledvina showed "the connection between the sun -the earth: the science and process behind the northern light".
    • John O’Neal introduced "Parker solar detector, solar orbit and space weather report".
    • Melonie Elvebak introduced "How to use a star tracker and what you can do."
    • Justin Anderson presents "color in the light: chasing Orola color".
    • Anna Martineau, Martineau Merritt, introduced "the meaning of indigenous culture: our Anishinaabe culture and place."
    • Dave Falkner, showing "travelers and earth balls."
    • Marybeth Kiczenski, showing "further shooting images: using mixed and tracking to create beautiful high -definition photos."
    • Steve Luther introduced "from the novice from the Northern Light to the Orola addicted gentleman: my journey and roadmap to successfully capture the beautiful northern wine."
    • Mike Shaw, "Basic night photography."

    Maasepan Puukko Sword Class: From 9 am to November 12th to 13th in the pm, Duluth Folk School, 1917 W. Superior St. Cost: October 9 or $ 325.Call 218-310-0098 or transfer to it


    Jey Cook State Park Project: 780 Minnesota Highway 210, Calton. All nature walking and wild animals and plants are free.You need to enter the vehicle permit of the Minsuida Park.

    You can buy it when you arrive at the park office.Fees: $ 7/day or $ 35/year.Have

    For disabled veterans, members and others of Minnesota tribal.For a complete activity schedule, please transfer to

    The zenith of saltwater fly fishing

    In the middle of the Indian Ocean, I stood on the hard coral fingers and extended to the milky white lagoon.In terms of high heat, there are frigates with long corner -wing wheels.When the sound was interrupted, I stared at the sky: "Low your head -hamas!"

    This is the pilgrimage of the flying fishing of Sehechelles Alphonse and the Stran?ois reef.The Holy Grail is huge.The more secular name of the fish is "Geets".The barbaric predator, the local guide calls them "the gangster of the apartment".They like to wander with the rays.

    My guide is the veteran.Yousuf arrived here in 2004 from Bangladesh to help build a hotel on Alphonse Island.He was promoted to gardener, promoted to Bamman, and eventually graduated from the fishing guide.Now, he is a superstar of his environment, and he is booked by secular fishermen who came here a year in advance.His shaver’s eyes are legendary, and so is his patience.Since 7 am, he has been on our shallow pants, hoping this opportunity. 

    Through glare, I think I saw the seductive tremor at the tip of the stakfish moved in the shallow water, stirring the sea view of crabs, prawns and small reef fish.Next to the rays is a large sickle fin, hovering in the escape fish.Geets has been moving, and once they find them, time disappears.The monsoon season has begun, and the wind has begun, making it almost impossible for accurate casting.The calories are ruthless."It’s not too short, don’t be too close, land gently …" These suggestions run through my mind like a hypnotic track.I started an actor in the direction of the rays and its enthusiastic dinner.

    The author and guidelines considering that flies may attract huge TREVELLY
    The author and guide considering what may attract huge Trevally ? Thomas Lipke

    The San Fransowa Ring Reef is the southernmost tip of the three islands of Alphonse Group.Their name is to commemorate the birthday of Chevalier Alphonse de Pontevez.The Huteau’s family settled there.A turtle fisheries were established and the local plant group was cleaned up to make a way for coconut plantation.The residues of this era still exist: prison cells, a cemetery, recorded those who have never left the island, and an ecosystem contaminated by commercial coconut trees and the invasive species of rats and wild cats.

    In the late 1990s, a group of risky fly fishermen encountered a large amount of bone fish swimming in the shallow water of these shells.Their scales are as bright as mirrors, and they are known as the ghost of the apartment, disappearing from the sight when the reflection environment.One of these early pioneers was Keith Rose-innes.At that time, he was a young South African, and he had desire for adventure.Today, he is the managing director of Blue Safari Sehechelles, which manages the operation of Alphonse and other minority reef operations.He told me: "Bone fish is the cornerstone species." "With such a rich population, we think that guests will come to such a distant place." 

    This is the beginning.The enthusiasm for fishing for foreign countries has transformed into a enthusiasm for restoring these reefs because it retreats to the trend of exploitation in the previous centuries.This is not the basic ecological preservation of plastic straws that can be replaced and re -filled: Alphonse Drive’s world -leading research team, and browse in the turbid waters of the government.They successfully won meaningful protection for one of the craziest places on the planet. 

    The author takes his bonus, a huge giant
    The author takes his bonus, a huge Trevally ? Gary de Klerk

    Their alert is moving.As the night fell and the lights outside the cabin opened, the bulbs were shiny and green.This is enough, but it is important that it is not confusing to thousands of nest turtles (for them, the biggest threat is to mistake the light of human settlements as the reflection of the moon on the water on the water.-Is move forward inland and never achieve the ocean).

    When you stroll to the sunset to the beach bar, the feeling of avoiding baby turtles and ALDABRA giant turtles is reassuring. Most of the night there are discussions on protection projects on the reefs at night.Blue Safari’s own team is closely cooperating with the island protection association, which is a local non -governmental organization based on Alphonse and surrounding islands.The company has conducted some extraordinary research and has a real impact on the government level at the level of critical results.Tonight’s speech was worked by Blue Safari’s ecology and sustainable development manager Elle Brighton, and the University of Massachusetts and the island Protection Association to decipher the movement of giant giants.The fish captured by the fishing fisherman is marked by a small micro -chip.There are 68 receivers in reefs, and each time there are marked fish swimming, they will be recorded.The scope of Trevally is relatively small and has become a master of hunting specific terrain.The survival rate of the captured fish is very high, but the re -capture rate is very low, which means that the population is higher than originally considered.For fishermen, this is encouraging news. They know that it is not the most environmentally friendly choice to know thousands of miles to Eco Lodge."But this is ironic," Brighton told us."It is because of the people who are going to Seychelles that the government has specified 30 % of the territory as the alphonse group and is a marine reserves. It is protected from other major income flow."

    The focus of other negotiations is the colonies of the threatened wedge -shaped tail Sworm. The charming birds built nests in rabbit -shaped caves and are now growing on the island.Or coral status, this has been unstable worldwide, but in -depth research here.The size of corals of luxury cars that I caught earlier that day was only about one year, and it was about thousands of years.

    The negotiations are the foods for thinking during dinner. Starting from Wahoo Sashimi, they were caught by expert chefs and planted vegetables in their gardens on the island.65 % of foods are planted or captured on the island, and a series of solar panels provide most of the energy sources used.This is not a virtue signal; this is just wisdom related to the rhythm of tropical islands.

    The next day, I returned to the apartment with YouSuf without escape the sun.I missed my first chance-I did well, and the fish moved upstream with strong enthusiasm, but you must pull the line on the fast strip to imitate the escape bait fish, which is not completed for me.There are too many hands.Feeling deception, the fish rejected my dedication.Further, we encountered a beard trigger fish, and its tail waved from the water.Going down, its human teeth captured crabs to corals and then grinded it.This time I manipulated my flies accurately, and it was foolish.The brief quarrel stopped it from jumping from the edge of the reef, disappearing in the holes in the coral lining, and brought this weird creature, and it echoed all the colors of the reef.Nevertheless, the final award is still not returned. 

    YOUSUF scan the horizon to obtain the signs of Sub-Aqua, and then speak: "Scroll-We will go to the universe." The Cosmic Lall is a area of Stfran?oisatoll.It saw the flooding ring of the land rolling into the coral and forming a reef.It is still covered by the local plant group and has a series of extraordinary bird life, and it still has no one to live.The tide passed into the disaster was flooded, and smaller bone fish and Mutt swarmed to these new breeding grounds.During the tide of spring, the water becomes deep enough to follow.YOUSUF slides engines and ships to stop.A group of Plover waving wings walk around the beach and find food with a beak.On the right side of my narrow sandwich, next to a native forest, there is a clumsy colony inside, and their rainbow beaks are shining in the evening sun. 

    When YOUSUF slowly pushed the boat into the water, looking at and waiting, my forearm tied my forearm length."They like to search on this coastline." The shadow attracted my eyes, 50 yards in the distance.I am not sure whether it is a hovering bird, a seaweed or fish."Nine o’clock. The distance is a long way," You Sufu said, confirming my intuition."Casting on the shore, wait." The fish is now 30 yards.I am ready: There is no wrong room.There are 10 yards now; the water is very clear, and I can see the large round eyes of the fish to find the victim."Jumping!" Under the instructions, I pulled the line as fast as possible, and then flying the spring, looking like trying to escape.Trevally’s methodical cruise will change immediately.The fins were opened, and it accelerated. When I pulled the line for the second time, its mouth opened the incredible width, and each inch of the fly swallowed.It feels like I hang on the brick wall.Everything is tight.I have always insisted, but violated my wishes, and I torn off my hand on the line. The scroll is hoarse: the line of 50 yards has disappeared, 100,200.YOUSUF started the ship engine and we started chasing. 

    Fighting with Geet is not a long -distance game.This is a irritable sprint, you will be tired.Over time, I approached the boat.YOUSUF is now standing in the water, grabbing its tail and turning it on the side, exposing a shiny silver.I jumped into the water.It’s my turn to hold the fish, look at its eyes and marvel at its power.YOUSUF passed backwards by the scanner.It has never been arrested before.He injected a small label, recorded its numbers, and recorded the exact time and GPS position on the watch.I stabilize the fish on the tide of passing in and let go.It is full of vitality and returns to the hunting grounds of these sacred reefs. 

    The author travels with the blue wild zoo Seychelles (bluesafari.com), Including the four seasons of Mahé’s four seasons (fourseason.comTo.The starting price is $ 1,780 per night, and two adults

    Shore fishing from Rotary Park to the Oyster River Estuary

    Don Daniels (Don Daniels)

    When I first came to the Campbell River, I met some fanatical fishermen at the Rotary Park Beach for the first time.I was looking for Cutthroat catfish that was fishing and released.

    You can search for rock beaches on some tide, or you can abandon some bait or spinning factories to step out.

    This is when the fishing person drove away with a stronger pole in the year, and cast Coho approaching the shore.I found that I was flying there, but this was the obstacle of the salmon I was aimed at.

    You can explore the coastline from the Rotary Park to the launch area of the Greater Rock Ship.Recently, I spent some time in Frank James Park. The salmon was close at hand. Some senior flies fishing people were scattered in the area, throwing flies and some time in the day.A fishingman holds salmon in his hand and went to the parking area and went home.

    To fish in this area, you need a pair of good wading boots and 8 weight rods to fly to the area.At the southern end, you can come out on the tide, and the footsteps are good, but the crutches will make life easier, but some fishermen will slip into the water.

    Many fishermen will take out a boat, anchor the fish, and then throw the fish or throw it into the water displayed on the water.

    Some people will catch kayak on the Oyster River and then fish at the estuary.It needs rainfall to make salmon enter the spawning pool.Until October 17, there was no rainfall around the Campbell River and the region.

    At the same time, Duncan’s incubation manager Tristan Robbins encountered employee problems, and the truck had been postponed to Echo Lake’s autumn storage of catfish.When the confirmation date is announced, I will be there.

    In the south, Langford Lake has reportedly reported that the catfish was captured to a larger catfish, but Lake Lake Lake Lake in the past exceeded normal fish.At this time at this time, LONG LAKE of Nayamo is fishing well.

    This weekend, Chum Derby will be held on Friday at Brown & RSquo’s Bay Marina, and most fishing on Saturday.

    I will go out to the tent area on Sunday afternoon.Every year, awards will be won, and the staff needs countless hours to participate in this charity Derby.

    I am in contact with beginners, and they asked the free flying courses held in the library of the Campbell River in the elderly center and the Campbell River.

    For those who have already registered in advance, you will contact you, and everyone who shows interest will be guided, so that you can start and fish the local river and lakes.

    Like we are on Facebook, pay attention to us on Twitter

    Great Fly Fishing in Mount Washington Valley

    George Liset

    Wild Creek catfish

        The dog era in summer is coming, which makes catfish fishing challenges on the coast.

     Coriners like cold water instead of bathing water, this is most rivers on the coast.I will sign a contract with Lieutenant John Mckernan for several strip dance games. Because the stripper dancer is very interesting, I know they will bite people, but I need to grab the itching of the catfish.

          Then, last week, I received a call from my college friend Jim Van Yperen.Jim kicked my university rugby with me, and we talked about flying fish together.Jim mentioned that his son was going to visit and wanted to find some catfish.I told Jim that if he had any hope to seize the catfish, he would have to go north to the Washington Valley.I mentioned to him that Steve Angers of the North Rural Fishing Flying Fishing Store posted a video on his Facebook page, saying that Sark and Ellis Rivers (Ellis Rivers) (Ellis Rivers)Fishing is very good.

         Jim said that this would be the house on the other side of Conkid, but I told him that it was worth traveling.It wasn’t until a few days ago that he called him to call him, and I heard how he and his son did it, and asked if I wanted to see him fishing in Bei Kangwei.I can’t say "yes" enough.Therefore, the next morning, we met where we agreed.

        I arrived at the scene very early. When another fisherman walked over, I was checking the river.He has a position in the town and fishing regularly.He said that because of the rainwater the day before, the river ran fast and a little dark, and he would wait until the evening or the next day fishing.As a good movement, he pointed out some attractions on the river he usually succeeded.He wanted me to be lucky and mentioned that if I encountered anything I would do.

         Jim arrived soon, and we went to a attraction pointed out by the gentleman.I started to furnish Hornburg on the 16th, just to figure out.Jim went with a dry fly.Siko is a beautiful river. Some parts are particularly welcomed by family, kayak, canoe and floating tuber.The joke of the flying shop is that you must be able to defeat the "tube cabin" as soon as possible!IntersectionIntersection

        Because the river is fast, I suggest that Jim uses the beads to make it to reach the bottom of the fish.Jim added that he and his son performed well last week.Jim (Jim) went to a bank with a falling tree in the water.A few minutes later, Jim grabbed a beautiful brown and stream.

        I fishing in a nearby area, my retrieval was too fast, and missed another area.The sun is coming, hitting nearly 90 degrees, and then happening.The "tube cabin" began to fall on the water.Jim and I looked at each other and decided to hit the Elis River.There may be swimmers, but there are no music and no stems.

         We drove north along Ellis and stopped in several places.I switched to the light -colored ORVIS 3 weight super elves, put on the size 18 beads Caddis, and found two beautiful wild stream catfish in a small swimming pool.We checked some other attractions and decided to return to the place where I left the truck.

    ??? I never kept surprised by the beauty of Bai Mountain.Many rivers are the main habitats of catfish. In the valley (even if it is not northeast), wild streams have the most popular prizes in the valley.Therefore, when the fishing people in the northern rural areas stop, get free fishing maps, and enjoy the fishing Bei Kangwei and Washington Valley.

    ?GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University.?The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.

    2022 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award results announced

    The story of John D. Sargeant is a enthusiastic, humorous but intoxicating story, telling a man and his dog like Tapeng fishing.?

    The winning entries will receive a prize of $ 2,500 and can be read on the website of the American Flying Fishing Museum."A dog named fish" will be in the winter of 2023 or the spring of 2023, "American Flying Fishermen", "American Flying Flying Fishing Magazine".

    The winner Frank Sargeant is the author of "Ten Outdoor Activities" and "Boat Book", and it is also a regular writer of many outdoor magazines and online publications.He is a former fishing guide -at Homosassa in Florida, where his story happened -and had many dogs with his best friends and fishing companions.He has a master’s degree in English at the University of Ohio at Athens, Ohio.

    "I am really honored to be the winner of this year. Robert Traver Award is a great driving force for talented writers to make the best works.Find, the elements of competition add special spices to each year. I am very grateful to the committee’s hard work in organizing and judging the competition every year, "Sargeant said.

    The Traver award also awarded two other entries for honor awards: Dorset, Vanity Plates of Sarah Holly Bryant, "Western Waters, 2022", which was Paul Kennebeck, Dan Buddha, Colorado.

    The stories mentioned in these two honors were found on the American Flying Fishing Website, and their writers will receive a prize of $ 250 respectively.

    The game in 2022 attracted 86 stories and prose.Participating works were anonymous and led to seven finalists.The other four finalists are:

    • Richard Landerman’s "how to win the bronze star" of Richard Landerman in Sandy, Utah
    • ?David Gray-Clough in NATO County, Britain?
    • ?Katie Macdonald, Sherlock, Prince Edward Island, Canada,
    • Chris O’Byrne’s "wedding planner" of Chris O’Byrne, Florida,?

    Traver Award is named after Robert Traver. The versatile of John D. Voelker is the author of "Trout Madness, Trout Magic, Trout Magic, Fisherman’s anatomy".Smile white fish.Judge Voelker also served as 74th Judicial from 1956 to 1960 in the Supreme Court of Michigan.The title of "Fishing" is the title of "Traver".

    On the Fly: A terrific fly fishing guide keeps things simple for the clients

    Whether you have never hired a guide or have been using them for many years, you will see a significant difference in style, attitude and experience.Unless they fish with a less outstanding person, many fishermen cannot appreciate the excellent fishing guide.Customers match the correct guidelines similar to docking, although any of the guidelines worth salt should be able to guide any type of fishingman.

    A great guide makes things simple, even if it is not.Simple facts are distilled into miscellaneous objects that are easy to digest, and have been used for a period of time.Remember your position in your experience and ability level, you can follow the place where you stop last week (or last year).A great wizard is unshakable, knowing when to take over the wrong direction, and knowing that it is your day, it is not cheap to hire them.

    The excellent guide knows how to fish in low water, high water and average water.If they are placed in the busy river, they will have a spare plan and back up to backup.The excellent floating point guide is actually better than you control the drift of flies on the water.Outstanding guidelines will track their customers and rarely fish with strangers.The excellent guideline problem solutions and find solutions; whether it is to deal with type A character, drought, floods, and fires are still popular.

    If you are lucky to fish with some famous guide, this is the roar of fork valley, I may preach to the choir.It is a feat with them for a few days, because most people book a few months in advance.Try some different guidelines, find the person you clicks, and build a relationship that may last for many years.Even if money is easy, many guidelines and customers have personal relationships beyond fly fishing.

    As I said before, what I said on the river bank, ships, or drifting ships did not say in the confession.I hope you meet your own game in the process and make a lifetime of friends (and fishing coach).

    This report is provided by Aspen and Basalt’s Taylor Creek Fly Shops.You can contact Taylor Creek through 970-927-4374 or TaylorCreek.com.