Review: Skwala RS waders

Relative to the newly come, Skwala (Skwala) entered the flying fishing market earlier this year, and its existing goal is to improve the expectations of fishermen to equipment.So far, their limited product lineups have turned their heads, providing fishermen with famous and welcome innovation.

Do you need a pair of lightweight wading more like pants?The carbon water -related device is suitable for the bill.Need a coat to keep you warm and dry in anything and Move with you on the water?Skwala’s RS jacket may be the answer.

SKWala and the latest products are its RS Wader, which are SKWALA and RSQUOO WADER. They are suitable for fishermen. They need high durability, durable functions, and comfortable water -related cases for the best and worst cases.Whether it is climbing on the boulder, through a thick brush, the temperature fishing for the second frozen temperature, or the countless abuse guidelines and the obsessed fisheries put the equipment on the equipment.Looking at the product’s eyes.Top, lasting performance.

Of course, what is the product put up To do and actual achievements are two things.In the past few months, I have the opportunity to catch RS wading. So far, they have shone in all my fishing conditions.

What is effective

Integrated wading zone

This is my favorite function of SKWala and RS waders.The wading belt is directly built in the wading, so it is impossible to lose.As a person who has recently performed potentially dangerous swimming in the river, I can prove how precious their wading waistbands at work.

However, more importantly, the waist support of the belt.Standing or rowing all day will cause losses to your back.SKWALA designed this wading belt to help the fishermen who follow it all day.

Shoulder strap

Just like on the carbon wader, Skwala uses a simple design on the shoulder straps.They were not clamped together, so you did not sit in front of your chest with two large plastic, waiting to catch the flight line.The design purpose of the belt is to slide the shoulders when the front zipper falls down.Pull up the zipper, everything is fixed in the appropriate position.

With a hook and a ring system, a hook and circulation system with sliding into the shoulder, the belt can be adjusted.配 配 Itself has a good distribution of weight, and of course it can help RS waders’ weight.


Skwala uses a proprietary fabric among its waders, and chose this point instead of the Gore-TEX used by some of the most outstanding competitors.This is an important and intentional choice, especially because Skwala CEO Kevin Sloan once held the same position in Sitka, which uses Gore-TEX in many products.In order to create a wader that pierced and tear -up like RS, Skwala designed its fabric from scratch.RS, specifically, has a four -layer breathable layer pressure plate, which is covered by polyester fiber fiber and double -weaving textile textiles.Those woven textiles make the waders particularly piercing and tearing, while the four layers of pressure plates can provide waterproof and breathable.

Even the durability of the fabric, it feels softer than you found among other "bomber" -grade waders.This is the design goals of Skwala’s people. They try to create the most comfortable and durable wading fabrics in the market.Similarly, this is why they choose their own fabrics.Skwala believes that it can better meet the needs of fishermen than the fabric we found in existing products.

Although I can talk about the details of wear resistance in the RS water -related device, I can say that I noticed that they are more breathable than other bombs, cold, and ultra -durable waders.Quantitative breathability is tricky, but for me, it depends on my comfort in wading.Even in the hot days, I will not feel swamps in RS wading.They are the first pair of heavy waders. From a comfortable perspective, I do not fear fear, which tells me that SKWala has a long formula with proprietary fabrics.

In terms of durability, Skwala spent several years to test the fabric under various challenging conditions.I once climbed the rocks on the rocks, went in and out of the drifting ship, and hiking on the brush and brown of the Luoji Mountains, climbing a lot of miles.So far, I haven’t noticed any obvious signs of wear.

Suitable and comfortable

If you follow the release of any new SKWALA equipment, then you now know that the company is highly focused on the equipment that moves with the fishermen, rather than the equipment that suppresses our sporting range.RS wading is one of the most comfortable wading I encountered in history. When I am on the water, they do well on moving with me.

SKWALA uses a unique Fourchette seam on the legs to improve its ability and comfort.The four seams are usually found in the gloves to increase the dexterity, which is a method that connects the fabric panel without inhibiting the scope of the wearer.The specific four seams in the RS water -related device aim to increase the pronunciation of the entire leg, making the wearer’s exercise freedom sometimes makes you feel that you do not wear wading.By putting Fourchettes on a specific spot in the wader, Skwala can create a mobile clothes and You have no obstacles encountered in boulder, wood or any other obstacles, rather than any other obstacles encountered on the water.

At present, no other wading manufacturers use four -color seams by SKWala, which makes them particularly unique.After using them for a few months, when I was wearing it, the RS wader’s movement with me was very good.In my opinion, freedom of sports is one of the first batch of characteristics that fishermen will notice when using RS on water.


The manual bag on the wool lining on both sides of the front zipper is spacious, enough to accommodate the flying box, a sharp wire shaft, and even some snacks.These manual bags are also zipper, which is a good touch that can increase more pocket space.

There are two zipper pockets on the top of the manual warm pocket, and there are also matching pockets inside the water atmospheric.In short, you will win your pockets in the RS waterwater.

What does not work

No tool pier

This is not a destroyer for me, but this may be some fishingmen.RS water -related tools do not have integrated tool docks, you can hang bleeding or other tools in it.This is consistent with their minimalist design, and I personally do not use any tool pier on any wader.But it is worth mentioning that RS Wader has no function.

The last sentence

RS waders are top -level solutions for SKWALA and the highest fishing conditions.By using proprietary fabrics, Skwala has built waders, claiming to establish new industry standards as durability and comfort.Skwala’s choice of choosing to use proprietary fabric seems to be risky on the face, but according to SKWALA, it enables them to build a wader to better meet the needs of the most challenging fishing conditions without sacrificing comfortable comfortsense.The 4 -layer fabric matrix of RS Waders is light, durable, warm, and breathable. It allows the excellent sports target SKWala to become a iconic among all its products.When wearing an RS water -related device, you will feel the freedom of exercise. This is very good. It sets a high standard for the water -related comfort.RS wader provides top -level performance, which helps to make the price of $ 800 more delicious.

The Best Fishing Rods and Reels of ICAST 2022

Seeing the things hidden behind the curtains on the big equipment show are always exciting. This year is no exception.From the new twists and turns of the old class to completely innovative fishing technology, Icast 2022 There are many things to provide.

In terms of fishing gear, there are endless small tools, small hair and choice.If you ask me, it is the most exciting handmade equipment.

Therefore, the following is the fishing rod and scroll, which has won the highest honor in 2022.

St Croix Legend

San Cruwa It is no stranger to winning the award for iCast, and there were many categories in the past.This year, this wild grip is bold.The legendary championship bass rod has a surprising feeling of tactics.Did you see it?

The pistol grip is nothing new in the fishing world, but St. Cruca decides to look at the idea literally.When you can shoot in the water, why should a line be applied?

Ugly Stek carbon

Ugly Stik The design of carbon lattice series is the main force.The blank is built by 24 tons of carbon, with a solid graphite tip and a stainless steel catheter.The goal here is to provide the maximum durability while maintaining light and response speed.

The appearance is cool.The bright black components on the silver details and the blue rods of the salt water make the pole look clean and looks clean.

Shimano spheros salt water combination

This Shimano SPHEROS SW Combo is a rotating cast stick, which aims to perform on the ocean.This package includes a redesigned SPHEROS SW rotating scroll, which has SHIMANO’s Infinity Drive technology.Increasing power and smoother rotation are the goals of this updated scroll.

The pole can throw away artificial and live bait. There is an EVA handle and a large scroll seat, which can find a job when fighting is difficult.

Hardy Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel

This Harge Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel is a beautiful.This is one of the few scrolls of the performance to my.It feels good in my hand.It is important, but still lightweight.

The constructor of the scroll revolves around the waterproof wheels that accommodate carbon fiber disk resistance systems.Obbacking the main component from salt water will definitely extend the life of your scroll.

I am glad to see Hardy waving waves on this side of the pond.

Shimano Stella Fk Reel

first, Stra FK It just looks cool.Its smooth, artillery, monochrome aesthetics are pleasant.Having said that, it is also established for performance.Like SPHEROS Combo Reel, Stella FK has an unlimited drive of Shimano.You may not need to use saline -grade game fish power on freshwater scrolls, but you still want to land on what you pursue.

I think an underestimated function is to increase the anti -twist fin to reduce the distortion of the line.If you have instantly growing yourself into a terrible cycle of bird’s nest, then you will know what I mean.The line distortion may be ruined all day … reel Fast.

Pure Fishing, INC.Penn authority rotation scroll

Pennsylvania Permanent rotation scrolls are preferred to maintain the internal working status.The line shaft and body are sealed to prevent saline from reaching the internal component, even if the scroll is completely immersed.The institutional rotation scroll can be used almost and can be used almost. You find that any fishing scenario you find is suitable

Bull Bay Tackle Company’s Banshee Fly Rod ($ 399) has a definition function. It is separated from all other new flying rods on the market -the ring design of the top design of the grip is corresponding: heavier.

Is it a person who changes the rules of the game?No, is it cool?Absolutely.

This is one of the small details of flying fishermen.The neutral tone of the rod and the package makes it smooth, almost retro, and the price hit the sweet middle position.

Henry’s Lake and its not-so-secret problem

The large fishing news spreads in the West like wild fire.Henry & RSquo’s lake is a shallow water seat in eastern Edhata. It is located on the border of Montana and gave up another legal trophy.36 -inch rainbow -mixing the mix of catfish.

On October 4th, Rigby, Edaho, and Hailey Thomas, fishing with her husband and her two children, caught a monster catfish.According to local news reports, the water is a bit faint and the fishing is very slow.Just like her husband Shane Thomas raised the anchor and moved to a new position, Monster Trout came.This fish exceeds the record of Edaho mixed power catfish, six inches and six inches, and the fence of the fish is more than 21 inches.

The beast that can be sure is good for hailey & ndash; this is a lifetime fishing amount, and few people will experience it.

Unfortunately, Henry & RSquo’s lakes may not enjoy this kind of fishing from now on.Only three days after the Hailey trolley trophy, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Edaho sent a familiar warning to fishingmen and crews who used Henry & RSquo to entertain.The lake is in a toxic blue -green algae, and state health officials warn that they do not even contact high altitude lakes.

According to the press release of the state, the water sample collected from the shore of Henry & RSquo showed the existence of blue bacteria species Macroex,,,, Dolichospermum, and Aphanizomenon. All three bacteria will cause dangerous toxins, which may be harmful to people, pets and livestock. DEQ warns that people with liver or kidney damage will increase the risk of illness.

This is Edaho, which is a political blood -red state. From science to the results of the election, it is often questioned. The state DEQ does not mention the reason why the algae erupted. Except for these blue -green algae "yes" Edaho water bodyThe natural parts can bloom to the dangerous level when the weather and water are warm.What is the reason for warm -up?In addition to the rising water temperature, the state’s health warning was not mentioned.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Henry’s lake.This is a shallow water storage pool and has a long -produced weed bed. It provides coverage for giant catfish and provides a good habitat for the annoying aquatic insects.It really warm up in the summer sun; there is no doubt.At least since 2017, the lake has undergone records of the blue -green algae epidemic every summer and autumn.Moreover, this is not alone.Many well -known reservoirs in Edhata have gone through this algae, including the Kaskat Reservoir, which is a popular fisheries near McCord in western Edhata.

However, in the past two years, Bloom has spread to the island park reservoir. This is the irrigation storage reservoir (Henry) of Henry’s fork on the top of the river.It is not directly on Henry’s lake … this is amazing, because the island’s park reservoir is large & NDASH; in a complete swimming pool, it covers 8,400 acres of high altitude real estate.

However, at least for scientists, this is not a surprising thing. They predict that scientists who continue to keep warm and water temperature as the climate continue to rise even in reservoirs at an altitude of 6,500 feet.This may also be one of the initial signs of climate change that affects the waters, and even if it is immersed, it may be unfavorable to human health.Although it did not mention the climate change of the Aida Health Consultation, it did not spend a lot of money to build a connection between algae and warm climate.

In the past two decades, water temperature consultation has become the norm of the Western Caisi Creek.Disposa and whitefish due to warm water or bacteria, algae caused by warm water have lasted for many years.

But now we have to talk about human health.What we talk about is that lakes have serious economic benefits to the community, such as the island Park Reservoir, which is very popular among the rowers, jets, swimmers and fishermen.In the falling mountains, blue -green algae is no longer an isolated incident.It is foreseeable that with the peak water temperature, climate change and droughts have increased.

As of writing this article, the island Park Reservoir is less than half of it, and it is lower than 4,000 acres a week ago.Reservoirs in other areas are also burned.As of writing this article, the Palisid Reservoir near the nearby Nancha was only 6 %.Last week, it actually dropped 1,000 acres.The upper end of the reservoir is completely dry, leaving important migration tributaries to autumn brown catfish exposed to predators such as Pelicans and Raptors.This lake is also very important for the entertainment community in the eastern and western parts of Edhata.Fortunately, there is still any DEQ water quality warning of Palisades.However.

Sometimes, in order to fully understand the problem, it is not only a user group, but also must feel the influence.As a fishingman, we are increasingly understanding climate change and our rivers, lakes and streams that are happening because we are directly affected.Since the blossoms of blue -green algae began to spread to lakes and reservoirs, more and more people are directly exposed to water, and others may start to understand the serious challenges of the West from the warm climate.

As far as Henry’s lakes and island park reservoirs are concerned, the impact may be extensive.There are tens of thousands of lake huts and second houses along the coast of the lake; they are tourists from tourists in the area, near Yellowstone National Park, fishing, ATV cycling, Nordic skiing and snow motorcycles ridingIt is legendary.However, if you are a summer visitor of Henry, and you are not sure if you can touch water, will this change attractive?You dare to bet.

It will also change where you spend money.Local gas stations, accommodation venues, flight shops, restaurants and camping may occur rudely. If water can attract people’s visits, because & hellip; Okay, because the soaking will make people sick.If it is dangerous to encounter water, who would want to fall and chase giant catfish?

This is not a matter of Edaho.Blue -green algae is a viscous flower across the country.With the bloom in full bloom, it absorbs more sunlight, making the surrounding water warmer and more toxic.Edaho is just the latest news on the list of its victims.

However, it is shocking that this is not the culprit.This is just a symptom of a bigger problem.Moreover, before the state health department and environmental security department have stones, they try to protect all stories, which may not become better.

RIT professor emeritus authors book on therapeutic benefits of fly fishing

Penfield, New York -For a local writer and scholar, there is no place to find peaceful places than one of his favorite Diaoyu Creek streams.

If everything is really merged into one, then for Pat Scanlon, a small stream will run through it.

Sanlun said: "I think many of them are peace." "You lost time. It seems that time is suspended. You may suddenly realize that you have done this for three hours, but you don’t know."

SCANLON has been fishing and fishing for 35 years.He liked it very much, so that the honorary professor of RIT School of Communication wrote a book about it.It is called "casting and repairing: how to cure crushing thinking and body of the healing flies."

Scanlon said: "I just look for the idea of flying fishing. I encountered all the different plans for using flying fishing as the treatment."

He discovered a group such as rehabilitation, which provided a quiet repair for the survivors of breast cancer. 

He interviewed cancer, addiction and PTSD.

Scanlon said: "I found that this did change their lives, which was a way to return them to them a sense of control and peace. It just grabbed me."

In novels and movies, there are certain myths around the romance of fly fishing.

Scanlon said: "Some people think it is mysterious and amazing, which seems a little bit a little bit a bit of me."

His own book questioned the therapeutic ability of fishing.Scholars and natural skepticists, he found something in the research process.

SCANLON said: "It turns out that it actually has some solid science." "I found that there are many things in common between these different programs, and these fishing and fishing have changed the life of the men and women."

SCANLON is called "flow": a kind of experience makes a person stronger, more confident and updated.

He said that fish do not always want what you want.

SCANLON said: "It is in such a place, especially in the flowing place, especially in the flowing water. I think these things together make them a very powerful treatment experience."

World Record Fly-Rod Tog

Gary Jennings (Craig Cantelmo, Craig Cantelmo) near the spring of Fisher’s Island, New York.However, the stripteat dance performance in early June last year was very poor, so the fishermen formulated another plan.

"Craig told me about the shallow water fisheries of the Block Island Sound)," Craig, said, said, "Craig, said, said, and said it was the vision of a sporty fish."American Sports Fishing Association."This is very similar to the sight of the sheep’s head or red fish. It uses the same crab mode, which is used for tautog and shallow water is feeded around the shallow water.

"So, we went out. I caught 4 pounds of tautog scenes like red fish. We decided to really target them the next day and try to get a world record."

The next day, the fisherman set off in the Pathfinder Bayskiff of Cantelmo near Fishers Island. Although it was a bit dark, they found a major area for TAUTOG.They found a dark cruise tautog at the bottom of the lighter sand. Jenning made a crab thorns with 8 weight flies and lead -eye flies for casting.

"When the fish saw the flies sinking, it flew towards it and tilted, like bone fish or red fish, bringing the flies to the flies." "I just made a slow flight line, the lines were tight, fightinghere we go."

Jenning said that Tautog was fighting well, but soon wrapped around some weeds.They are worried about losing fish because it is hooked on a mild 8 -pound test tip, but they release TAUTOG, and Cantelmo collects the fish with a large net to bring it to the boat.

CANTELMO knows that this fish is a potential IGFA flying rod record, and uses IGFA BOGA to grip weighing tautog, and performs captured photos and measurements.They put the fish on their mainland network at the same time, so that they can stand on the difficult ground, and the fish is weighted on the IGFA -certified BOGA.

The length of TAUTOG is only 20 inches or more, weighs 6 pounds, and is eligible to obtain an open 8 -pound flying rod category that is qualified to obtain IGFA recognition.Then, in most programs, the fish was released into the large network of CANTELMO, which was not harmed and very active.

Jennings said: "We just ecstatic about getting the ball and potential records, but this day is still very young, and we immediately return to fishing." "We later caught some stripping dancer and carried out another outstanding New York flying.Stranger travel. "

After filling in all IGFA paper work and sending photos, a few weeks later, Jenning’s flying rod TAUTOG was accepted as the 8 -pound sharp -spike world record of the species.

2023 Fly Fishing Show Consumer Choice New Product Submissions are Now Open

Fly Fishing Show’s Consumer Choice Award will vote and participate in six flight fishing shows planned in 2023.

The award recognizes and rewards the development of new products to the market, thereby continuously improving the fishing experience.Consumers will vote for fishing consumers (daily users of these products).
All 2023 flight fishing exhibitions participating in the awards ceremony will participate for free.With the increase of the four new categories, there will be 39 "best" categories: from rods and scrolls to wading to polarized glasses.Product submission will be opened on September 26 and will continue through the online process until December 15.

The award will be displayed online, and the exhibitors will have the opportunity to directly contact consumers during the entire voting cycle.Similarly, consumers will have the opportunity to check, touch and test products before voting to support their collection clips.Online voting will be opened to the public on March 10, 2023.

The award -winning product will be announced at the end of the voting that the winners will receive the idol of the "consumer selection award" for advertising, in -store display, product packaging and other marketing work in 2023.

Ben Furimsky, the organizer of the Flying Fishing Program, added: "Our goal is to recognize the hard work of all manufacturers and service providers.Various products and services provided by people. The uniqueness of consumers to choose awards is that consumers have the opportunity to watch and test 2023 entries in person throughout our country. "

Last year’s award represents more than 80 brands, and 222 products were displayed in 32 categories.The Best Performance Award was awarded Abel Reels, and this scroll won in the fresh and salt water scroll category with Abel Rove.

"Our team in Abel Reels is honored to be selected as the first performance award of our new Abel Rove Reel."Sales Director "Winning Consumer Selection Awards will inspire us to continue designing and producing the best flying fishing scrolls in the production industry."

Register 2023 Fly Fishing Show on

Enter the 2023 consumer selection award on

Best Fishing Gloves of 2022

Making fishing gloves is to optimize the fishing experience of the fishingman, otherwise it will be difficult to fish.Choosing when and how to fish is essential for fishing from any pair.Fortunately, the latest improvement of material science helps to create some of the most advanced gloves to put on the market.These can be divided into two main categories: gloves for winter fishing and sunny gloves.?

Winter gloves are very different in terms of design and function, but they can keep the hands of the fishermen warm, dry and flexible.The sun gloves are designed to protect you from the violation of the harmful ultraviolet rays.No matter which gloves you need, the best gloves are very suitable. If you get wet, please dry quickly and protect your hand from being infringed by elements.In a movement that depends on your hand, the best fishing gloves can make you in the water under unsatisfactory conditions.?

  • The best finger: ORVIS SUNGLOVE
  • Most suitable for winter: ORVIS soft shell convertible glove
  • Most suitable for saline: Huk Pursuit Sun Glove
  • The best waterproof: Gil fishing waterproof gloves
  • The most suitable for fishing: Simms solarflex fishing glove

Like other clothing, fishing gloves vary from manufacturers.Finding the right gloves is designed for you to use their weather, and it will not suppress your fishing style.Any gloves that meet these requirements will help you fish comfortably.

The size between the company is very different.Fingers with short fingers may want to go down to make the fingertips better.Others may prefer larger gloves to prevent contraction.Most sun gloves are not finger, so please make sure that the gloves are right for your palms.

The conditions you face determine the type of fishing gloves.Convertible gloves are a great choice for fishing fishermen because they can show their fingers when they need.If you are wading in winter, you may prefer a pair of waterproof gloves to keep dry.Summer fishing requires UPF -level and breathable gloves to keep you calories.

Consider the type of fishing you want to do and whether glove design can make you fish correctly.For example, convertible gloves are very suitable for warmth, but flies fishermen may constantly discover their boundaries during casting.In this case, a pair of finger -free gloves may be the best choice.Other types of fishing may need to wear gloves or breathable gloves.Some central fishermen like waterproof gloves to keep their hands dry when they are rolled in in winter.

Main features:?

  • Material: Spandex/synthetic leather?
  • size: Small
  • Design Features: Dip off the lines on the fingers

Why reduce

ORVIS SUNGLOVE is light and breathable, which is very suitable for hot summer with high ultraviolet index.?


  • light
  • Gray prevents them from becoming too hot
  • Adding filling around the fingers can prevent the line from combustion


  • Not as breathable as other gloves

Fishing in the hot sun will sweat your hands and expose to ultraviolet rays, and ultraviolet rays are enhanced by the sun reflected from the water.If you make a extended fishing journey on the water day after day, it is important to protect your hands from being affected by the sun.ORVIS SUNGLOVE is an excellent choice for this situation.Light structure and filling fingers can help you easily handle Fly and lines, but gloves are very suitable for all types of fishing.This gloves have the UPF 50+ protection rated rating and have a lightweight feeling, which will not affect your casting method. Whether it is fishing, rotating fishing or bait.Adding filling around the elevated area means that gloves will continue through a large number of fishing travel.

Main features:?

  • Material: Polyester and fluffy leather
  • size: Small
  • Design Features: Folding gloves, easy to use

Why reduce

The gloves can keep your fingers warm when needed, and pull it open to reveal the gloves without fingers, so you will never sacrifice the ability to use your fingers when wearing your fingers.


  • Store the section of the glove to store the gloves at the folding
  • DWR coating exclusion water
  • The separate thumb cover increases agility


  • Wool without lining to increase warmth

Convertible gloves get popularity in winter fishing, because folding gloves can access the fingers.A common problem is that when fishing, the gloves can grasp the lines.The fisherman especially exists, because the lines are often wrapped in the gloves when shooting the line.ORVIS Softshell convertible gloves solve this problem through the unique sleeve on the thumb and hand, which can make you lift the glove and thumb cover after folding.This will produce smooth surfaces to prevent catching anything when casting or fighting with fish.Gloves keep your hand warm, and DWR protection keeps them dry.This is the winter hard -headed fishing gloves I fish with Spey Rod.The swinging flies need to be managed and shooting long distances by hand. This glove enables me to fish effectively, heat my fingers, and then do it again.?

Main features:?

  • Material: Polyester and amino amino?
  • size: Middle and large -scale huge
  • Design Features: The rubber texture to increase the grip

Why reduce

For salt water fishermen, this is a great all -around glove. These salted water fishermen need sunscreen and additional grip.


  • The texture grip is very suitable for catching the big fish
  • Ventilation is very good
  • Long wrist to increase coverage


  • Finger shorter than other sun gloves

Big fish has nowhere to hide in the sun, and the humid conditions are the factors when fishing for salt water.HUK PURSUIT Sun Glove is designed to make you fish through all this.The small pass at the palm side can dry the gloves and keep you cooling in the hot days of foam.The rubber grip, the grip runs the entire length of the front of the glove.This will help you master the poles, boats and everything else.During the recent journey to the Tap Peng’s migration, it increased all the differences in the grip when trying to lead FEISTY FISH.Any Tappen fishing person knows that it is a trivial matter to grab a fish over 100 pounds in his mouth, but hunting the sunshine is absolutely easy to manage.The gloves also have a long wrist -plus you are too focused on fishing to realize that your sleeves are tied up, otherwise you will be burned.

Main features:?

  • Material: Nylon and polyester lining
  • size: S-XXL
  • Design Features: Rubber grip and waterproof design

Why reduce

Light, warm and waterproof gloves, make you comfortable and effectively fishing.


  • Waterproof
  • Great finger agile
  • Touch screen compatible fingers and thumbs


  • Playing with them may be challenging

Any fishing person who fish in winter knows how wet hands make you suffer quickly.Standing in the river deep in the river, casting is a certain method of moistness and frozen hands.Gil fishing waterproof gloves are the first pair of real waterproof gloves I used to keep warm.Other gloves with DWR coatings will keep you warm for a period of time, but the continuous water spraying agent of the scroll will freeze you in a few minutes.Gill Fishing gloves have a completely waterproof design, which can be discharged by water even in water.The core in a wool lining exudes sweat, while maintaining the number of numbers.Unlike most waterproof gloves, the material is relatively thin and can be fishing with gloves.Even if I use CenterPin or flying scroll, I have no problem with fighting with fish.When you really catch fish, it is important to remember that if you plan to deal with fish and release fish, take off your gloves.The fish has protective mucus coating, and the gloves will be wiped off, making the fish easily infected.

Main features:?

  • Material: Polyester and spandex mixture
  • size: XS-XXL
  • Design Features: Filled fingers, the palms used for line peeling and openness to supply the gas flow?

Why reduce

This lightweight gloves and open designs make it very suitable for fishing.?


  • Built -in strip -off guard?
  • Light and breathable
  • When you don’t wear gloves, you can put the gloves together


  • Tight palm?

I feel that this line is an important part of the casting rod, so many flying fishermen hesitate to wear gloves.To solve this problem, Simms has created a lightwearflex fishing glove, which is good for flying fishermen.Thin glove materials are very suitable for getting good feelings on the flight line, and quickly dry when humid.In addition, SIMMS places two divesflages with pads on the index and middle finger to manage the line.When a big fish runs, if you are not careful, this line will burn your hand.This function prevents the life of gloves in these elevated areas and improves the life of gloves.The open palm design improves the airflow and greatly shortens the time required for the drying of gloves.After fishing, the snapshot on the gloves will keep them together and prevent a person from walking away.

When I used fresh and salt water to fish, and as a fishery biologist, I experienced countless gloves and was very special about the gloves I bought.My primary task is to wear comfortable gloves for a long time, quickly dry, and provide great protection for the conditions I use.When making a decision, these are the criteria for using fishing gloves:

  • fit: Is the glove real, the size is size, how comfortable is it?
  • feature: Fills such as filling or texture grip have gloves?
  • Durability: They are built to bear many difficult and abused season?
  • UPF rating: If they are sun gloves, what is the UPF level of ultraviolet rays?
  • Breathable: Is the glove breathable to prevent your hands from sweating?
  • warmth: For winter gloves, how warm are they lower than frozen?

How do you fish greatly affect your gloves that suits you best.Warm -water fishermen should find light and breathable sunshine to protect their hands and stay away from the sun.Fisheries tending to chase cold water species like Steelhead prefers winter gloves. No matter what conditions, they can keep them warm and dry.Make sure that gloves are very suitable for you so that you can make full use of them.

Idaho BaseCamp One Fly Fishing Tournament makes a splash

On Saturday, July 30, the No. 1 Damimen No. 1 in Edaho was held along the Flying Fishing Championship along the Da Wude River.Fifty fishermen participated in the funds and consciousness of the 5th grade outdoor adventure and educational camp sponsored by Aida Basecamp.Heather Lamonica Deckard, the owner of Sun Valley Events, said: "The range of the fishingman range, and truly attracts the love of outdoor education programs, community spirit and support."The activity, and ensure that all children can have the desire to visit and unforgettable experience with the beautiful and natural environment that we are lucky to live with us. "

The trout will let you know

The great Ted Williams has watched three stadiums and did not provide the slightest evidence of the slightest swing.The referee shouted "ball" every time, and complained and complained about the young catcher behind the plate.

"You want to squeeze us, guy!"

"Listen, bud," the referee replied, "When your pitcher strikes, Mr. Williams will let you know."

Ted Williams is one of the most powerful hitters in history.His hand -eye coordination and physical skills are very good, and he almost goes all out.Comedy actor Billy Crystal has seen Mr. Williams on the venue of the Yankelon Stadium on the venue of the Yankelon Stadium.Crystal told him that he had a 30 -year -old home movie. Williams played against the Crystal’s Yankees in the second game and against the Crystal’s Yankees. Williams replied: "Curved balls, low and leaving.Throw the ball and mark me, right? "He was right.

Because Williams devoted a lot of his own thoughts for his favorite competition, the respect given by the referee was understandable.If he did not swing on the court, it might not be a strike.Williams is also a skilled flying fisherman, so his respect for catfish may also be the same as the referee gives him the same respect.If the catfish has no flies, I suspect he knows that this is not a strike.

When I stood in the middle of the river, I thought of this, cut off Clarence Roberts & RSquo; Drake, and replaced it with Eric Borches.Clarence Roberts and Ernie BORCHERS, such as Ted Williams,, unless the family is Crawford or Ros in Michigan,Roscommon County.However, they may be there because each flight store around the AU SABLE River system sells their invention patterns, and almost every fisherman on these rivers takes at least some of the flies into the box.Roberts & rsquo; Fly’s deer body is tied with the yellow line to imitate the light -colored plum flies.Borches & rsquo; There is a turkey body with black or brown threads, to imitate the dark Mayfly.These two flies are in small and medium -sized sizes, most of you can fool most of the catfish.But not all catfish always lies, because you are still fishing after all.

The night before, I used a strange small pattern and grabbed each fish I put on it.It’s different tonight.Tonight, every fly that catfish is on the river has eaten. Except for those flies at the end of my line, this is the tenth change of the pattern, the size or two.My friend Dave fishing downstream, as well as his story.When another ring swells upstream, I turned to protest fish. You have to squeeze us, a bigEssenceThen, I cast Borches and begged fish to eat, because small imitation drifted on it.

"He grabbed Balchel! He grabbed Ballchez!"

I usually don’t yell while hooking fish, but I usually don’t squeeze like this.

"It looks like a big fish," Diff said, when this line was driven away from my scroll.

I said: "Big, or foul hooks, or both."

After several long -term, I realized that I hook the fish on the side, so I broke the line tightly.However, at this moment, the catfish ran straight to Diff, and he tried to land.However, when Dave moved, the fish rolled and the line folded.

The next night, I was fishing alone on the same river.About an hour before sunset, a huge May flower cloud wandered in the air, making the sky darker.The silhouette of the dead insects quickly covered the surface of the water, which inspired the catfish to the canyon.I have six catfish in the casting distance, but I focus on a large catfish outside the distance.Everyone who fishing enough will eventually encounter the same situation.When it extends on the Mayfly rotor, monsters on the surface of fish like holes rising vertically on the current, while swimming along the random sawtooth pattern while swimming up and down.Moreover, like me, the obsessed fisheries will ignore a few good fish when they chase their "Speak Sound".

Just like a purposeful worker on the production line, I put it without 1 fruit fly, let it drift on the fish, cut it off, replace it with another, and then do it again.

Casting, drift, editing, tie.Casting, drift, editing, tie.Throw.EssenceEssence

The big fish almost ignored all my products, and it rose strongly. In front of me, the left or right devouring natural flies.Finally, when the extension pattern I provided was hour than the other patterns I used, the big fish rose towards my flies, and then gently pushed the forgery forgery to the side.

You have to squeeze me, guysEssence

Then, just like the lover who was rejected on the rebound, I throw the flies at the first new promotion person I saw, and the fish took it away.

As the darkness drops, I hope to have a brief melee so that I can return after the big fish, but the duration of the battle is longer than the light.As the fish finally cracked in my net and rest in the water, I removed the flies from its chin and reached out to get the camera.Then I noticed that the side of the fish had a strange growth.

Wait a minute, that’s a fly.Not only does it have any flies, this is Balchez’s Drake.Not only any Ballchel’s Drake.That’smine.

"Listening, bud," the fish seemed to say."I know you think we are unreasonable here, but when you strike, we will tell you."