Fridays on the Fly: Watch Massive Trout Explode on Top-Water Mouse Patterns

Friday instant: watch a large amount of catfish explosion on a large amount of water mouse pattern

  Have you ever seen giant catfish shot off the mouse? Perhaps in such an incident, you are actually within the scope of the flight rod. If you know, this is one of the most exciting ways of flying fishing. Whether you are casting on the cover of the brown on the night of open water or at night, you can tempt a cunning old fish from the depths and violently underground flies. There are only some primitive things. View some of the fishermen’s videos in some of the most announced fly fishing destinations in the world, and make sure to watch the No. 5 video to obtain a useful tutorial on the flying fishing mouse pattern.

  Our 318 miles WNW in Anchorage is one of the top flying fishing eyes in western Alaska. The Anke River in Alaska flows with diversity.

  Western Alaska on the Aliak River is the second round of the second round.

  Flying fishing mouse pattern in New Zealand.

  The Shangtla Huazhou River may be known for its incubation, but residents’ catfish do not shyly eat mammals.

  How to fish mouse catfish

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