Shore fishing from Rotary Park to the Oyster River Estuary

Don Daniels (Don Daniels)

When I first came to the Campbell River, I met some fanatical fishermen at the Rotary Park Beach for the first time.I was looking for Cutthroat catfish that was fishing and released.

You can search for rock beaches on some tide, or you can abandon some bait or spinning factories to step out.

This is when the fishing person drove away with a stronger pole in the year, and cast Coho approaching the shore.I found that I was flying there, but this was the obstacle of the salmon I was aimed at.

You can explore the coastline from the Rotary Park to the launch area of the Greater Rock Ship.Recently, I spent some time in Frank James Park. The salmon was close at hand. Some senior flies fishing people were scattered in the area, throwing flies and some time in the day.A fishingman holds salmon in his hand and went to the parking area and went home.

To fish in this area, you need a pair of good wading boots and 8 weight rods to fly to the area.At the southern end, you can come out on the tide, and the footsteps are good, but the crutches will make life easier, but some fishermen will slip into the water.

Many fishermen will take out a boat, anchor the fish, and then throw the fish or throw it into the water displayed on the water.

Some people will catch kayak on the Oyster River and then fish at the estuary.It needs rainfall to make salmon enter the spawning pool.Until October 17, there was no rainfall around the Campbell River and the region.

At the same time, Duncan’s incubation manager Tristan Robbins encountered employee problems, and the truck had been postponed to Echo Lake’s autumn storage of catfish.When the confirmation date is announced, I will be there.

In the south, Langford Lake has reportedly reported that the catfish was captured to a larger catfish, but Lake Lake Lake Lake in the past exceeded normal fish.At this time at this time, LONG LAKE of Nayamo is fishing well.

This weekend, Chum Derby will be held on Friday at Brown & RSquo’s Bay Marina, and most fishing on Saturday.

I will go out to the tent area on Sunday afternoon.Every year, awards will be won, and the staff needs countless hours to participate in this charity Derby.

I am in contact with beginners, and they asked the free flying courses held in the library of the Campbell River in the elderly center and the Campbell River.

For those who have already registered in advance, you will contact you, and everyone who shows interest will be guided, so that you can start and fish the local river and lakes.

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