We need to talk about The Little Black Book of Fly Fishing

It was a battle in the summer of 2006 in the mountains in western Wyland.But this is not your traditional battle. This is the beginning of a new protection brand. There are two long -term journalists & mdash; strangers of each other & mdash; discovering themselves at the front line.

Two years ago, Edhata’s reporter and writer Chris Hunt, "Idaho State Journal" in Pocatello’s "Idaho State Journal), as an enforcement editor, as infinitely as catfish,Director of the public land initiative of the organization.HUNT (HUNT) has been awarded the award -winning writer and reporter of the news agency.Three years ago, he won the outstanding award of Dolly Conneelly in the environmental journalism, a series of articles in the environmental journalism industry, and studied the local Cutthroat Trout of Western countries.Over the years, his work in environmental and protection of the news industry has been recognized by the Professional Journalists Association, the Pacific Northwestern Newspaper Association and the Associated Press.From many perspectives, his rise in Western press.

At the same time, Kirk Deeter was busy exercising his writers and reporters.Over the years, he has written pleasant topics, such as steroids in exercise. Three years ago, he held a editor in the general position of Field & Stream, where his key points were transferred to articles about fishing and MDash.Especially fishing.In the end, he and a business partner founded the Angling Trade Magazine, which was hone on the business side of the fly fishing industry.He is also the author of several successful books. He also carved a country name for himself in the fishing and outdoor writing community.

In their career, both reporters were fortunate to be able to interact with Charlie Meyers, a long -term outdoor editor and writer of the Denver Post.DEETER lives in Corpoado’s little Pai En, about an hour west of Denver on the mountain.HUNT grew up in Littleton, remembering to read me when he was a kid.DEETER and Meyers through their joint work contact Field and flow And become a fast friend.HUNT and Meyers know each other as Hunt, which is Hunt, which is a novice to protect the stage, but is interested in important protection issues involving wild and local catfishIt is clarified that he often meets Miye and often pushes him to an important story.It was described as a mentor of Hunter and Date, which was described by Hunter and Date.

However, it wasn’t until the Jackson Fork Ranch on the Hyedohuma Hoabak River gathered together, and Hunter and Date met.There, these three writers & mdash; meyers, deeter and hunt & mdash; they will meet for the first time, and they will represent Wyou Mingzhou wild and local catfish.

Northern.But this is & mdash; and it is still & mdash; the three different subspecies of the Cutthroat catfish in this machine.Within Waiomang and Mingzhou, the green river drainage pipe divided from high Tri-Basin is the location of the Cutthroat catfish in the Colorado River.The Xionghe drainage flows from the same gap to the southwest, and is the home of Bonneville Cutthroat catfish.The drainage of the snake river starts from the same gap and flows east. It is the homeland of the local snake rivers with fine spots.These three species are facing an uncertain future within Wyou Mingzhou, because the oil and natural gas industries are attracting the region and plans to transform it into industrial -grade chess pieces.

Hunter invited DEETER and Meyers & MDash on behalf of Tu; and many reporters from regional newspapers, TV shows, etc. to participate in the four -day media tour, and the public land initiative team of Tu & RSQUO will show them the scope of Wyoming and share itThe challenges they face and hope to get some positive media reports from the event.However, the most important thing is that this activity will show the traditionally conservative athletes and women’s locks in the energy industry to the legislators and agents.Their pastime is important, and the fish that happens to their recreation is also important.

In the end, the Waioming State Heritage Law passed the Congress Building and obtained the signature of President George W. Bush in the summer of 2008.This marks an important milestone in the modern protection movement.Hunters and fishermen suddenly became important, and they performed on the entire ending line.Without them, today’s Waiomang and Mingzhou range may be completely different.

The conferences of Miyeus, Date and Hunter all triggered important things.After driving back to Denver, after fishing with Hunter in the wild, Date and Miyez were made. Little Red Fishing BookFrom casting to knot, direct flight mode & mdash; this is the compilation of experience for decades, which is attributed to pocket water suggestions.

Unfortunately, Miyeus has never read this book.He died of cancer in January 2010.They & rsquo; VE traveled around the western fishing, visited Bahamas, looked for bone fish, and made several Parker on the waters of Saskatchewan.DEETER’s urging of Hunt & RSquo to take over Catfish magazine year 2010.Hunter continued to cooperate with Deeter until 2021.He is now a full -time free journalist (he often does Incubation magazineTo.

Therefore, when Skyhorse Publicishing is close to the deeter Little Red Fishing BookDeeter agreed, but the premise is that Hunter will join him.In addition, HUNT and Deeter wrote several books.This summer, Skyhmerse published Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing & Mdash; The first joint efforts of the two groups.Suitable is that it is committed to the late Charlie Meyers.

The following is about this book. He and Deeter’s long -term partnership and friendship question and answer, of course, also meyers.

Q: What is the best part of cooperation with Kirk Deeter in this project?

Answer: In the process of writing materials, we occasionally play with each other and use each other to improve the information we provide to readers.Kirk is one of the most intuitive fishermen in history.I always tell him that I like to fish with him because I always learn some new things.That’s all.He is a former guide, and a good guide will never let customers get off the boat until they learn some new things.

Q: What is the best prompt provided by Deeter in the book?

Answer: Everyone is great & mdash; as I said, every time we fish together, I will learn from Kirk.Spirit Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing It is its color.This is a senior course in the craftsmanship, which is very suitable for fishermen who are preparing to "ski black diamonds" on fishing slope.Therefore, Kirk’s prompt is that I tend to use the most useful techniques when fishing: "A great coverage is worth 1,000 currencies." Not everyone has in his or her actor watch ownInstant coverage; in fact, I recommend that most fishermen do not.But a few years ago, Kirk instructed me to reach it, and I found that I was using it.a lot of.Like & hellip; just last week, when I was fishing for urban draft in Houston.I have to throw away a lot of lines & mdash; just like it is no more than I am willing to throw & mdash; reach a channel city Bayou.Then, I had to drift, almost put the flies on the nose of a vegetarianist. Really difficult Capture.To do this, I have to study the toolbox in depth and pull out the coverage.Because, as Kirk pointed out in the book, the repairs that can be within the air occur in the air.The best position for those grass carp is about three feet above the target fish.With the coverage, I can get a reliable drift of about four feet.I was guided by Buddy Deeter and grabbed the infamous picky draft.

Q: What is your best prompt?

Answer: I grew up fishing in the catfish fishing in the Corolado.I still fish for the creek today; every opportunity I get.I would rather walk and wading, catfish catfish or Brook catfish stream, and even knew that I was going to catch small fish instead of fishing on a long drift ship on a long West River.I think many fishermen believe that when they start to deal with larger water, they "graduate" from the stream.The fact is that the small water is the same as the big water, but it is just the point.I learned to hone my skills on the stream & mdash; from reading water, casting, insect learning, flies and all content in hell; you named it.They all transform into larger water.I told those who struggled on the big water to narrow the size, and I mean, "tied to smaller flies."I mean, walking out of Henry’s fork, strolling to some mountain streams, and "back to school".You can practice in small water and shorten the learning curve.You will never graduate from the stream and graduate.You just forget, or you are fascinated by the opportunity to capture bigger catfish.However, if we are willing to use it, the classroom is always there.

Q: What will Charlie Meyers think of this book?

Answer: This is easy.Charlie is now smiling from the perfect Maoya Creek in the sky & mdash; he will definitely like to be a good friendship and a good partnership for many years.Charlie met a lot of people, and he could have gone with him in Huaoming’s trip a few years ago.He accepted my invitation and insisted on Kircook’s coming & hellip; Okay, that was his generous nature.He knew Kirk and I would succeed, but he also knew that we continued to perform this heritage and shared the spectacles of flying fishing with the world in the next few years.

Q: What is your next step with Kirk?

Answer: I will not rule out another cooperation, but we are pursuing new projects.I set up a travel company with two other great fishing partners. Cocker is strengthening the fishing trade and maintaining Trout Readers investigated the importance of protection.I am more busy with the forefront of freelancers; it is really great.I learned one year in the year I wanted to learn last year.If someone tells me, I will not work harder or smarter than when you work for yourself.Yes, the boss may be painful on the ass, but he will take responsibility more responsible than any paper that promotes Sycophant.However, we will cooperate again on other seductive fishy projects again, even if it is not another book.

Q: You mentioned that this book is suitable for experienced fishingians.Can novices learn anything from it?

Answer: Oh, of course.But I recommend reading books in the order of expected.This Little Red Fishing Book There is a permanent position on my table & mdash; even today, it is an honest Gothic reference material for me.This is also a way to hear Charlie in my mind.However, yes, this little black book is only the first batch of efforts published by Kirk to the first batch of efforts in recent years.And, listen, fishing is not a rocket science.But this does require discipline, patience and repeat; practice.I don’t know the same tendency of another fishingman in the country.He is very similar to Charlie, and I think this is why I like him so much.And why our friendship lasts.

Question: How long do you fish with Cocker together?

Answer: Not frequently.Now, we are particularly busy with different projects.But he moved to the steam boat, and I like the part of Colorado.For a long time, we wet a line again.but I think Little Black Book of Black Ben Fishing IS & RSquo N To Kirk and I are "authorities" in fishing.If you read it carefully, you will notice a lot of suggestions & mdash; even most & mdash; for many years, all other fishermen we fishing come from our fishing.We are very lucky to travel around the world to fish.Kirk & RSquo’s experience is unparalleled; he fishing from Tasmania to the Panino Peninsula in Russia, he was fishing anywhere, and he brought home a small wisdom.me either.Sometimes, when I cast catfish, I hear the annoying sound of my favorite Argentine Flying Flying Guide in my mind, or hear a brief suggestion of Cree Pike Guides in Saskatchewen.If all we do are fishing together and only write these experiences, this book is almost worthless.