The trout will let you know

The great Ted Williams has watched three stadiums and did not provide the slightest evidence of the slightest swing.The referee shouted "ball" every time, and complained and complained about the young catcher behind the plate.

"You want to squeeze us, guy!"

"Listen, bud," the referee replied, "When your pitcher strikes, Mr. Williams will let you know."

Ted Williams is one of the most powerful hitters in history.His hand -eye coordination and physical skills are very good, and he almost goes all out.Comedy actor Billy Crystal has seen Mr. Williams on the venue of the Yankelon Stadium on the venue of the Yankelon Stadium.Crystal told him that he had a 30 -year -old home movie. Williams played against the Crystal’s Yankees in the second game and against the Crystal’s Yankees. Williams replied: "Curved balls, low and leaving.Throw the ball and mark me, right? "He was right.

Because Williams devoted a lot of his own thoughts for his favorite competition, the respect given by the referee was understandable.If he did not swing on the court, it might not be a strike.Williams is also a skilled flying fisherman, so his respect for catfish may also be the same as the referee gives him the same respect.If the catfish has no flies, I suspect he knows that this is not a strike.

When I stood in the middle of the river, I thought of this, cut off Clarence Roberts & RSquo; Drake, and replaced it with Eric Borches.Clarence Roberts and Ernie BORCHERS, such as Ted Williams,, unless the family is Crawford or Ros in Michigan,Roscommon County.However, they may be there because each flight store around the AU SABLE River system sells their invention patterns, and almost every fisherman on these rivers takes at least some of the flies into the box.Roberts & rsquo; Fly’s deer body is tied with the yellow line to imitate the light -colored plum flies.Borches & rsquo; There is a turkey body with black or brown threads, to imitate the dark Mayfly.These two flies are in small and medium -sized sizes, most of you can fool most of the catfish.But not all catfish always lies, because you are still fishing after all.

The night before, I used a strange small pattern and grabbed each fish I put on it.It’s different tonight.Tonight, every fly that catfish is on the river has eaten. Except for those flies at the end of my line, this is the tenth change of the pattern, the size or two.My friend Dave fishing downstream, as well as his story.When another ring swells upstream, I turned to protest fish. You have to squeeze us, a bigEssenceThen, I cast Borches and begged fish to eat, because small imitation drifted on it.

"He grabbed Balchel! He grabbed Ballchez!"

I usually don’t yell while hooking fish, but I usually don’t squeeze like this.

"It looks like a big fish," Diff said, when this line was driven away from my scroll.

I said: "Big, or foul hooks, or both."

After several long -term, I realized that I hook the fish on the side, so I broke the line tightly.However, at this moment, the catfish ran straight to Diff, and he tried to land.However, when Dave moved, the fish rolled and the line folded.

The next night, I was fishing alone on the same river.About an hour before sunset, a huge May flower cloud wandered in the air, making the sky darker.The silhouette of the dead insects quickly covered the surface of the water, which inspired the catfish to the canyon.I have six catfish in the casting distance, but I focus on a large catfish outside the distance.Everyone who fishing enough will eventually encounter the same situation.When it extends on the Mayfly rotor, monsters on the surface of fish like holes rising vertically on the current, while swimming along the random sawtooth pattern while swimming up and down.Moreover, like me, the obsessed fisheries will ignore a few good fish when they chase their "Speak Sound".

Just like a purposeful worker on the production line, I put it without 1 fruit fly, let it drift on the fish, cut it off, replace it with another, and then do it again.

Casting, drift, editing, tie.Casting, drift, editing, tie.Throw.EssenceEssence

The big fish almost ignored all my products, and it rose strongly. In front of me, the left or right devouring natural flies.Finally, when the extension pattern I provided was hour than the other patterns I used, the big fish rose towards my flies, and then gently pushed the forgery forgery to the side.

You have to squeeze me, guysEssence

Then, just like the lover who was rejected on the rebound, I throw the flies at the first new promotion person I saw, and the fish took it away.

As the darkness drops, I hope to have a brief melee so that I can return after the big fish, but the duration of the battle is longer than the light.As the fish finally cracked in my net and rest in the water, I removed the flies from its chin and reached out to get the camera.Then I noticed that the side of the fish had a strange growth.

Wait a minute, that’s a fly.Not only does it have any flies, this is Balchez’s Drake.Not only any Ballchel’s Drake.That’smine.

"Listening, bud," the fish seemed to say."I know you think we are unreasonable here, but when you strike, we will tell you."