2023 Fly Fishing Show Consumer Choice New Product Submissions are Now Open

Fly Fishing Show’s Consumer Choice Award will vote and participate in six flight fishing shows planned in 2023.

The award recognizes and rewards the development of new products to the market, thereby continuously improving the fishing experience.Consumers will vote for fishing consumers (daily users of these products).
All 2023 flight fishing exhibitions participating in the awards ceremony will participate for free.With the increase of the four new categories, there will be 39 "best" categories: from rods and scrolls to wading to polarized glasses.Product submission will be opened on September 26 and will continue through the online process until December 15.

The award will be displayed online, and the exhibitors will have the opportunity to directly contact consumers during the entire voting cycle.Similarly, consumers will have the opportunity to check, touch and test products before voting to support their collection clips.Online voting will be opened to the public on March 10, 2023.

The award -winning product will be announced at the end of the voting that the winners will receive the idol of the "consumer selection award" for advertising, in -store display, product packaging and other marketing work in 2023.

Ben Furimsky, the organizer of the Flying Fishing Program, added: "Our goal is to recognize the hard work of all manufacturers and service providers.Various products and services provided by people. The uniqueness of consumers to choose awards is that consumers have the opportunity to watch and test 2023 entries in person throughout our country. "

Last year’s award represents more than 80 brands, and 222 products were displayed in 32 categories.The Best Performance Award was awarded Abel Reels, and this scroll won in the fresh and salt water scroll category with Abel Rove.

"Our team in Abel Reels is honored to be selected as the first performance award of our new Abel Rove Reel."Sales Director "Winning Consumer Selection Awards will inspire us to continue designing and producing the best flying fishing scrolls in the production industry."

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