World Record Fly-Rod Tog

Gary Jennings (Craig Cantelmo, Craig Cantelmo) near the spring of Fisher’s Island, New York.However, the stripteat dance performance in early June last year was very poor, so the fishermen formulated another plan.

"Craig told me about the shallow water fisheries of the Block Island Sound)," Craig, said, said, "Craig, said, said, and said it was the vision of a sporty fish."American Sports Fishing Association."This is very similar to the sight of the sheep’s head or red fish. It uses the same crab mode, which is used for tautog and shallow water is feeded around the shallow water.

"So, we went out. I caught 4 pounds of tautog scenes like red fish. We decided to really target them the next day and try to get a world record."

The next day, the fisherman set off in the Pathfinder Bayskiff of Cantelmo near Fishers Island. Although it was a bit dark, they found a major area for TAUTOG.They found a dark cruise tautog at the bottom of the lighter sand. Jenning made a crab thorns with 8 weight flies and lead -eye flies for casting.

"When the fish saw the flies sinking, it flew towards it and tilted, like bone fish or red fish, bringing the flies to the flies." "I just made a slow flight line, the lines were tight, fightinghere we go."

Jenning said that Tautog was fighting well, but soon wrapped around some weeds.They are worried about losing fish because it is hooked on a mild 8 -pound test tip, but they release TAUTOG, and Cantelmo collects the fish with a large net to bring it to the boat.

CANTELMO knows that this fish is a potential IGFA flying rod record, and uses IGFA BOGA to grip weighing tautog, and performs captured photos and measurements.They put the fish on their mainland network at the same time, so that they can stand on the difficult ground, and the fish is weighted on the IGFA -certified BOGA.

The length of TAUTOG is only 20 inches or more, weighs 6 pounds, and is eligible to obtain an open 8 -pound flying rod category that is qualified to obtain IGFA recognition.Then, in most programs, the fish was released into the large network of CANTELMO, which was not harmed and very active.

Jennings said: "We just ecstatic about getting the ball and potential records, but this day is still very young, and we immediately return to fishing." "We later caught some stripping dancer and carried out another outstanding New York flying.Stranger travel. "

After filling in all IGFA paper work and sending photos, a few weeks later, Jenning’s flying rod TAUTOG was accepted as the 8 -pound sharp -spike world record of the species.