RIT professor emeritus authors book on therapeutic benefits of fly fishing

Penfield, New York -For a local writer and scholar, there is no place to find peaceful places than one of his favorite Diaoyu Creek streams.

If everything is really merged into one, then for Pat Scanlon, a small stream will run through it.

Sanlun said: "I think many of them are peace." "You lost time. It seems that time is suspended. You may suddenly realize that you have done this for three hours, but you don’t know."

SCANLON has been fishing and fishing for 35 years.He liked it very much, so that the honorary professor of RIT School of Communication wrote a book about it.It is called "casting and repairing: how to cure crushing thinking and body of the healing flies."

Scanlon said: "I just look for the idea of flying fishing. I encountered all the different plans for using flying fishing as the treatment."

He discovered a group such as rehabilitation, which provided a quiet repair for the survivors of breast cancer. 

He interviewed cancer, addiction and PTSD.

Scanlon said: "I found that this did change their lives, which was a way to return them to them a sense of control and peace. It just grabbed me."

In novels and movies, there are certain myths around the romance of fly fishing.

Scanlon said: "Some people think it is mysterious and amazing, which seems a little bit a little bit a bit of me."

His own book questioned the therapeutic ability of fishing.Scholars and natural skepticists, he found something in the research process.

SCANLON said: "It turns out that it actually has some solid science." "I found that there are many things in common between these different programs, and these fishing and fishing have changed the life of the men and women."

SCANLON is called "flow": a kind of experience makes a person stronger, more confident and updated.

He said that fish do not always want what you want.

SCANLON said: "It is in such a place, especially in the flowing place, especially in the flowing water. I think these things together make them a very powerful treatment experience."