Henry’s Lake and its not-so-secret problem

The large fishing news spreads in the West like wild fire.Henry & RSquo’s lake is a shallow water seat in eastern Edhata. It is located on the border of Montana and gave up another legal trophy.36 -inch rainbow -mixing the mix of catfish.

On October 4th, Rigby, Edaho, and Hailey Thomas, fishing with her husband and her two children, caught a monster catfish.According to local news reports, the water is a bit faint and the fishing is very slow.Just like her husband Shane Thomas raised the anchor and moved to a new position, Monster Trout came.This fish exceeds the record of Edaho mixed power catfish, six inches and six inches, and the fence of the fish is more than 21 inches.

The beast that can be sure is good for hailey & ndash; this is a lifetime fishing amount, and few people will experience it.

Unfortunately, Henry & RSquo’s lakes may not enjoy this kind of fishing from now on.Only three days after the Hailey trolley trophy, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Edaho sent a familiar warning to fishingmen and crews who used Henry & RSquo to entertain.The lake is in a toxic blue -green algae, and state health officials warn that they do not even contact high altitude lakes.

According to the press release of the state, the water sample collected from the shore of Henry & RSquo showed the existence of blue bacteria species Macroex,,,, Dolichospermum, and Aphanizomenon. All three bacteria will cause dangerous toxins, which may be harmful to people, pets and livestock. DEQ warns that people with liver or kidney damage will increase the risk of illness.

This is Edaho, which is a political blood -red state. From science to the results of the election, it is often questioned. The state DEQ does not mention the reason why the algae erupted. Except for these blue -green algae "yes" Edaho water bodyThe natural parts can bloom to the dangerous level when the weather and water are warm.What is the reason for warm -up?In addition to the rising water temperature, the state’s health warning was not mentioned.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Henry’s lake.This is a shallow water storage pool and has a long -produced weed bed. It provides coverage for giant catfish and provides a good habitat for the annoying aquatic insects.It really warm up in the summer sun; there is no doubt.At least since 2017, the lake has undergone records of the blue -green algae epidemic every summer and autumn.Moreover, this is not alone.Many well -known reservoirs in Edhata have gone through this algae, including the Kaskat Reservoir, which is a popular fisheries near McCord in western Edhata.

However, in the past two years, Bloom has spread to the island park reservoir. This is the irrigation storage reservoir (Henry) of Henry’s fork on the top of the river.It is not directly on Henry’s lake … this is amazing, because the island’s park reservoir is large & NDASH; in a complete swimming pool, it covers 8,400 acres of high altitude real estate.

However, at least for scientists, this is not a surprising thing. They predict that scientists who continue to keep warm and water temperature as the climate continue to rise even in reservoirs at an altitude of 6,500 feet.This may also be one of the initial signs of climate change that affects the waters, and even if it is immersed, it may be unfavorable to human health.Although it did not mention the climate change of the Aida Health Consultation, it did not spend a lot of money to build a connection between algae and warm climate.

In the past two decades, water temperature consultation has become the norm of the Western Caisi Creek.Disposa and whitefish due to warm water or bacteria, algae caused by warm water have lasted for many years.

But now we have to talk about human health.What we talk about is that lakes have serious economic benefits to the community, such as the island Park Reservoir, which is very popular among the rowers, jets, swimmers and fishermen.In the falling mountains, blue -green algae is no longer an isolated incident.It is foreseeable that with the peak water temperature, climate change and droughts have increased.

As of writing this article, the island Park Reservoir is less than half of it, and it is lower than 4,000 acres a week ago.Reservoirs in other areas are also burned.As of writing this article, the Palisid Reservoir near the nearby Nancha was only 6 %.Last week, it actually dropped 1,000 acres.The upper end of the reservoir is completely dry, leaving important migration tributaries to autumn brown catfish exposed to predators such as Pelicans and Raptors.This lake is also very important for the entertainment community in the eastern and western parts of Edhata.Fortunately, there is still any DEQ water quality warning of Palisades.However.

Sometimes, in order to fully understand the problem, it is not only a user group, but also must feel the influence.As a fishingman, we are increasingly understanding climate change and our rivers, lakes and streams that are happening because we are directly affected.Since the blossoms of blue -green algae began to spread to lakes and reservoirs, more and more people are directly exposed to water, and others may start to understand the serious challenges of the West from the warm climate.

As far as Henry’s lakes and island park reservoirs are concerned, the impact may be extensive.There are tens of thousands of lake huts and second houses along the coast of the lake; they are tourists from tourists in the area, near Yellowstone National Park, fishing, ATV cycling, Nordic skiing and snow motorcycles ridingIt is legendary.However, if you are a summer visitor of Henry, and you are not sure if you can touch water, will this change attractive?You dare to bet.

It will also change where you spend money.Local gas stations, accommodation venues, flight shops, restaurants and camping may occur rudely. If water can attract people’s visits, because & hellip; Okay, because the soaking will make people sick.If it is dangerous to encounter water, who would want to fall and chase giant catfish?

This is not a matter of Edaho.Blue -green algae is a viscous flower across the country.With the bloom in full bloom, it absorbs more sunlight, making the surrounding water warmer and more toxic.Edaho is just the latest news on the list of its victims.

However, it is shocking that this is not the culprit.This is just a symptom of a bigger problem.Moreover, before the state health department and environmental security department have stones, they try to protect all stories, which may not become better.