The Best Fishing Rods and Reels of ICAST 2022

Seeing the things hidden behind the curtains on the big equipment show are always exciting. This year is no exception.From the new twists and turns of the old class to completely innovative fishing technology, Icast 2022 There are many things to provide.

In terms of fishing gear, there are endless small tools, small hair and choice.If you ask me, it is the most exciting handmade equipment.

Therefore, the following is the fishing rod and scroll, which has won the highest honor in 2022.

St Croix Legend

San Cruwa It is no stranger to winning the award for iCast, and there were many categories in the past.This year, this wild grip is bold.The legendary championship bass rod has a surprising feeling of tactics.Did you see it?

The pistol grip is nothing new in the fishing world, but St. Cruca decides to look at the idea literally.When you can shoot in the water, why should a line be applied?

Ugly Stek carbon

Ugly Stik The design of carbon lattice series is the main force.The blank is built by 24 tons of carbon, with a solid graphite tip and a stainless steel catheter.The goal here is to provide the maximum durability while maintaining light and response speed.

The appearance is cool.The bright black components on the silver details and the blue rods of the salt water make the pole look clean and looks clean.

Shimano spheros salt water combination

This Shimano SPHEROS SW Combo is a rotating cast stick, which aims to perform on the ocean.This package includes a redesigned SPHEROS SW rotating scroll, which has SHIMANO’s Infinity Drive technology.Increasing power and smoother rotation are the goals of this updated scroll.

The pole can throw away artificial and live bait. There is an EVA handle and a large scroll seat, which can find a job when fighting is difficult.

Hardy Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel

This Harge Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel is a beautiful.This is one of the few scrolls of the performance to my.It feels good in my hand.It is important, but still lightweight.

The constructor of the scroll revolves around the waterproof wheels that accommodate carbon fiber disk resistance systems.Obbacking the main component from salt water will definitely extend the life of your scroll.

I am glad to see Hardy waving waves on this side of the pond.

Shimano Stella Fk Reel

first, Stra FK It just looks cool.Its smooth, artillery, monochrome aesthetics are pleasant.Having said that, it is also established for performance.Like SPHEROS Combo Reel, Stella FK has an unlimited drive of Shimano.You may not need to use saline -grade game fish power on freshwater scrolls, but you still want to land on what you pursue.

I think an underestimated function is to increase the anti -twist fin to reduce the distortion of the line.If you have instantly growing yourself into a terrible cycle of bird’s nest, then you will know what I mean.The line distortion may be ruined all day … reel Fast.

Pure Fishing, INC.Penn authority rotation scroll

Pennsylvania Permanent rotation scrolls are preferred to maintain the internal working status.The line shaft and body are sealed to prevent saline from reaching the internal component, even if the scroll is completely immersed.The institutional rotation scroll can be used almost and can be used almost. You find that any fishing scenario you find is suitable

Bull Bay Tackle Company’s Banshee Fly Rod ($ 399) has a definition function. It is separated from all other new flying rods on the market -the ring design of the top design of the grip is corresponding: heavier.

Is it a person who changes the rules of the game?No, is it cool?Absolutely.

This is one of the small details of flying fishermen.The neutral tone of the rod and the package makes it smooth, almost retro, and the price hit the sweet middle position.

These Anglers Are Inspiring the New Spirit of Fly Fishing

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Flying fishing is experiencing the Renaissance.The new generation of fishermen is helping to resume this activity because it has always been accessible to change the movement of life.In cooperation with Chevrolet Silverado, we brought together three such fishermen to travel along Edhata’s catfish highway.Continue reading to understand their stories, or to introduce the spirit of new flying fishing. This is an interactive center with more videos and content.

Fishing does not necessarily change Austin Campbell’s life, but its definition, at least since his teenager lives in Denver, he has obtained a driving license.Campbell said: "When I was driving in high school, this changed my game." "I just started fishing too much."

And he didn’t stop fishing.Campbell is a high school track and field star who chose college courses.Watching the video of the fishing person fishing around the campus made him choose to participate in Pennsylvania State University.He managed to fish three times a week between the classroom, the practice and the party, and then spent the summer of the fishing coach with Lincoln Hills Cares. This is a non -profit organization.Sports.

Campbell talked about his own trajectory in this sport, "I am completely self -taught, and learn how to fish by watching YouTube videos and using Wal -Halto." "I don’t have a mentor in the river.I want to know what I do there, because this river is not "our space". They do belong to the river, there are people who like this sport like them. You need to emit a lamp on it. "

Campbell still stood out actively.Now, he is a full -time guide, and advocates that youths are working outdoors, continue to care about Lincoln Hills, and establish their own free clinics to launch fishing to residents in the Denver community.Exercise has no contact.

Campbell said: "Outdoor activities are suitable for everyone." "There is connection with nature, it has done something. I have not considered them all other problems. I just at this moment. Everyone should have a chance.We can continue to push the ball in the right direction in this industry. I hope that from the five to ten years starting now, you will see everyone on the river. "

Watch the complete story and see the new Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Actions on the new spirit of fly fishing wheels.

Katie Cahn is cruel and honest, especially in her personal struggle.Not only did she survive in cancer, but also the fact that there was no powerful male example or addiction to family struggle.She is very honest about being a mother.It is difficult to become a wife.She needs energy and treatment and fishing for her to successfully complete these roles.It’s not that she will fish as much as possible -she is also honest about it.

"I might have been fishing for three months," Kane said in the home on the edge of the edge of Chamuta River in the southern part of the Abbarachia Mountains."I used to bring my daughter to the river to fish, because she would sleep, but now she is three and a half years old, so she hopes that I play with Elsa and Anna."

Cahn grew up and rowed in Chaattooga, where she was a drifting guide.She also led fishing travel in non -profit casting to teach cancer patients and survivors how to fly fish.But fishing is not Kahn’s job.This is her release.

Kahn said: "I think flying fishing is the most meditation thing I have ever done." "When I was on the river and returned to my identity, I could wash away the rest of my life for a while. If I tried to find time for me,Even if it is only a few hours or a day, I will become Katie again. Not a wife or mother. It’s just Katie. "

Kahn believes that this transparency will help other women to deal with their own struggle and hope that women should spend time to normalize their ideas.She believes that fishing can help more women find themselves after putting others first.

Learn more information about the story of Cahn and the new Chevy Silverado ZR2 With a new spirit of fly fishing wheels.

Matt Menndes know how lucky he is.The 32 -year -old young man has a rotating handle, a flying fishing guide business on the warm spring water in Oregon, allowing him to put boots on the 180 -day water in the year.In most cases, he is fishing for Steelhead. This is a legendary species. It is well known to drive fishermen to depressed or shake the head pill.Sometimes the two are on the same day.Menndes has one of the few business permits working on the same ancestor fishing field in Deschutes River. He learned art from his grandfather.

When Mendes talked about his ancestor fishing, he said, "In the United States, there are too many places you can go." "This loneliness is rare. You return to the mountains of about 700 horses, where there are deer, antelope, antelope… you call it. It’s like a mini yellow stone. "

Mendes has been working since the age of 12. At that time, he started driving for his grandfather’s flying fishing business for the first time.A few years later, he was instructing to buy the business and operate it as his own business.Now, Mendes regards his guidance as a way to help save him growing up.

Mendes said: "I know this river is a shelter, and I try to make it everyone, not only the fishingman, but also a fish." "Education to educate my customers plays an important role in that management.People go home from the perspective of protection and get better fisheries. The consciousness of the consciousness of hundreds of customers I delivered every year is a small way I am in the main problems I have encountered. "

River managers boarded Mendes at home.Since the age of 12, he has not only made a living in the ancestral waters of Deschutes, but he now has a 12 -year -old son who is learning to fish on the same river.MENDES cherishes the role of educator, whether it is with the customer, his own son, or the tribal youth he offers free guidance and equipment.

Mendes said, "I like to watch others fishing." "If I can go out with a partner, customers or children all day, watching him swing a line, I am very happy. When that person gets the fish, I am better than me than me.Take the fish even more excited. "

View new Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 In the action, watch the complete video about the new spirit of flying fishing wheels.

Silverado drivers not only have trucks, but also symbols of can take you that you have never dreamed of, or just on the street.From the place of work to the camping site.Friday night light to North Lantern.Between each destination, you decide to tell the story of the world.Make sure it is powerful.

Fridays on the Fly: Watch Massive Trout Explode on Top-Water Mouse Patterns

Friday instant: watch a large amount of catfish explosion on a large amount of water mouse pattern

  Have you ever seen giant catfish shot off the mouse? Perhaps in such an incident, you are actually within the scope of the flight rod. If you know, this is one of the most exciting ways of flying fishing. Whether you are casting on the cover of the brown on the night of open water or at night, you can tempt a cunning old fish from the depths and violently underground flies. There are only some primitive things. View some of the fishermen’s videos in some of the most announced fly fishing destinations in the world, and make sure to watch the No. 5 video to obtain a useful tutorial on the flying fishing mouse pattern.

  Our 318 miles WNW in Anchorage is one of the top flying fishing eyes in western Alaska. The Anke River in Alaska flows with diversity.

  Western Alaska on the Aliak River is the second round of the second round.

  Flying fishing mouse pattern in New Zealand.

  The Shangtla Huazhou River may be known for its incubation, but residents’ catfish do not shyly eat mammals.

  How to fish mouse catfish

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