RIT professor emeritus authors book on therapeutic benefits of fly fishing

Penfield, New York -For a local writer and scholar, there is no place to find peaceful places than one of his favorite Diaoyu Creek streams.

If everything is really merged into one, then for Pat Scanlon, a small stream will run through it.

Sanlun said: "I think many of them are peace." "You lost time. It seems that time is suspended. You may suddenly realize that you have done this for three hours, but you don’t know."

SCANLON has been fishing and fishing for 35 years.He liked it very much, so that the honorary professor of RIT School of Communication wrote a book about it.It is called "casting and repairing: how to cure crushing thinking and body of the healing flies."

Scanlon said: "I just look for the idea of flying fishing. I encountered all the different plans for using flying fishing as the treatment."

He discovered a group such as rehabilitation, which provided a quiet repair for the survivors of breast cancer. 

He interviewed cancer, addiction and PTSD.

Scanlon said: "I found that this did change their lives, which was a way to return them to them a sense of control and peace. It just grabbed me."

In novels and movies, there are certain myths around the romance of fly fishing.

Scanlon said: "Some people think it is mysterious and amazing, which seems a little bit a little bit a bit of me."

His own book questioned the therapeutic ability of fishing.Scholars and natural skepticists, he found something in the research process.

SCANLON said: "It turns out that it actually has some solid science." "I found that there are many things in common between these different programs, and these fishing and fishing have changed the life of the men and women."

SCANLON is called "flow": a kind of experience makes a person stronger, more confident and updated.

He said that fish do not always want what you want.

SCANLON said: "It is in such a place, especially in the flowing place, especially in the flowing water. I think these things together make them a very powerful treatment experience."

Great Fly Fishing in Mount Washington Valley

George Liset

Wild Creek catfish

    The dog era in summer is coming, which makes catfish fishing challenges on the coast.

 Coriners like cold water instead of bathing water, this is most rivers on the coast.I will sign a contract with Lieutenant John Mckernan for several strip dance games. Because the stripper dancer is very interesting, I know they will bite people, but I need to grab the itching of the catfish.

      Then, last week, I received a call from my college friend Jim Van Yperen.Jim kicked my university rugby with me, and we talked about flying fish together.Jim mentioned that his son was going to visit and wanted to find some catfish.I told Jim that if he had any hope to seize the catfish, he would have to go north to the Washington Valley.I mentioned to him that Steve Angers of the North Rural Fishing Flying Fishing Store posted a video on his Facebook page, saying that Sark and Ellis Rivers (Ellis Rivers) (Ellis Rivers)Fishing is very good.

     Jim said that this would be the house on the other side of Conkid, but I told him that it was worth traveling.It wasn’t until a few days ago that he called him to call him, and I heard how he and his son did it, and asked if I wanted to see him fishing in Bei Kangwei.I can’t say "yes" enough.Therefore, the next morning, we met where we agreed.

    I arrived at the scene very early. When another fisherman walked over, I was checking the river.He has a position in the town and fishing regularly.He said that because of the rainwater the day before, the river ran fast and a little dark, and he would wait until the evening or the next day fishing.As a good movement, he pointed out some attractions on the river he usually succeeded.He wanted me to be lucky and mentioned that if I encountered anything I would do.

     Jim arrived soon, and we went to a attraction pointed out by the gentleman.I started to furnish Hornburg on the 16th, just to figure out.Jim went with a dry fly.Siko is a beautiful river. Some parts are particularly welcomed by family, kayak, canoe and floating tuber.The joke of the flying shop is that you must be able to defeat the "tube cabin" as soon as possible!IntersectionIntersection

    Because the river is fast, I suggest that Jim uses the beads to make it to reach the bottom of the fish.Jim added that he and his son performed well last week.Jim (Jim) went to a bank with a falling tree in the water.A few minutes later, Jim grabbed a beautiful brown and stream.

    I fishing in a nearby area, my retrieval was too fast, and missed another area.The sun is coming, hitting nearly 90 degrees, and then happening.The "tube cabin" began to fall on the water.Jim and I looked at each other and decided to hit the Elis River.There may be swimmers, but there are no music and no stems.

     We drove north along Ellis and stopped in several places.I switched to the light -colored ORVIS 3 weight super elves, put on the size 18 beads Caddis, and found two beautiful wild stream catfish in a small swimming pool.We checked some other attractions and decided to return to the place where I left the truck.

??? I never kept surprised by the beauty of Bai Mountain.Many rivers are the main habitats of catfish. In the valley (even if it is not northeast), wild streams have the most popular prizes in the valley.Therefore, when the fishing people in the northern rural areas stop, get free fishing maps, and enjoy the fishing Bei Kangwei and Washington Valley.

?GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University.?The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.

Wading Boots and the Great Felt Debate

  When I first fished, I was not rich.At that age, you only need to get what you can get when you get it.This usually means to persist before birthday or Christmas.I have a cheap rod and scroll clothes and a box of flies.My fishing "vest" is my uncle’s old naval marine team shirt, and the sleeves are cut off.The ripple bag in front is very large, which can accommodate a flying box and any other accessories.And I have a pair of nail tailors, decorative brands, hanging on a flying line on my neck.My water -related equipment includes cut duck head shorts and a pair of old ASIC running shoes.

  I slowly started to accumulate better equipment.But until a long time, I would consider buying actual water -related equipment.On the small mouth of the central part of Kentucky, I chopped my teeth, which is not necessary.When I finally started fishing for catfish, I thought I was too young, full of testosterone, and couldn’t notice a cold.When I was wading in November, the Campland River was raining, and the situation changed, and the body temperature was avoided in some way.In my list, the next Christmas is a pair of chlorine rubber wading and rubber soles.I don’t know much about the soles, and I think that the rubber bottom boots will be more durable.

  In most of the cobblestone bottom cavity of my fishing, the bottom of the rubber is enough.Everything is in my flying fishing world … until I go to smoke.The first smoky trip provided me with countless sky scenery, because I spent almost every moment on my back.I got up, took a step, and slipped again.It seems that even the best wader will not keep you dry when they are full of water!My first smoky trip was to go to Abrams Creek, which was not available.This may be the smoothest flow on the earth.But this definitely made me question my choice in wading equipment.

  I quickly replaced the boots of the rubber cushion with felt, and finally started to wear a blasting water -related device when it was listed.I soon realized why countless flies fishermen chose to explore the soles and had done so for decades.When providing the bottom of the smooth rock stream, they are better than rubber.In fact, at the time, major fishing companies like ORVIS did not even provide the only choice for rubber in its directory.

  Quickly advance for about 30 years, view the ORVIS directory, website, etc.You can almost find all rubber shoes with only one or two felt substitutes.Why change?Foreign creatures spread from the stream.

  Although many different ways of Exotics can be spread, many scientists feel the sole as a huge culprit and can be controlled.It triggered some actions

  The popular flying fishing destination of felt shoes and boots adds boots cleaning stations at the selected river access point. Some states are prohibited from fascinating boots, and Flying Fishing Company began to actively find the bottom of the boots.

  As a result, a variety of different tire design, all tire design is created on the soles of vibrato rubber or changes.Some companies, such as Simms, have not even stopped the production of Felt Sole Boots, and most manufacturers choose to provide two.In a short period of time, it may be due to the sharp decline in sales. Simms returned the only choice of several felts to their product line.The problem is that although the company claims that these new soles are as good as feeling, many fishermen disagree.In fact, some of the fishermen in some "feeling ban" even occupy the whole, "I will withdraw

  The typical vibram soles of the vibram are from my cold, and when the dead feet are pried, I will wear felt boots! "

  Fairly, all these new rubber soles are designed differently from my rubber shoes 30 years ago, and they are better, and they are better than a pair of old running shoes.They even provide some real traction advantages that can be crawled and ashore on trail.

  But the fact is that they are far less than feeling when providing the traction on the smooth flow bed.I think you can call it an opinion, but I think it is not only based on preference, because I often test many new boots.As part of my on -site test, I spent a few days wearing a rubber sole on the water and the sole of the other felt.The soles of the rubber shoe have slid down where the felt.

  Another choice is to wear rubber soles with a thread.As far as the traction of the bottom of the flow may be the closest thing I have found.However, these tendencies are the real trend of sliding and sliding down on dry rocks. If you jump a lot of rocks on smaller streams like we are smoked, it will constitute another security risk.Another disadvantage of the thread is that they are noisy.In the larger, deeper, and faster rivers, this may not be a big deal, but if you want to be smaller, sneak in the swimming pool in the older waters

  Vibram rubber soles have a snail flow, and you will scare more fish.

  Therefore, we remain consistent with the entire responsibility and practical debate.Most young and/or new flying fishermen are easy to use rubber design -some may be because they are currently, cool things, and others may be because they do not understand.They have never grinded, so there is no basis for comparison.The problem is (like me).For us, the new design of fashion is not as important as keeping upright!

  Okay, maybe the fashion design is not important for me, but it is a responsible fisherman. This is a tricky place.As an environmentalist, I attach great importance to it.Of course, I don’t want to be responsible for the spread of exotic body, but I really want to keep upright.As a person who wading the stream every day, not only does I have to be safe for myself, but also because of the customer’s safety, I also need to be as sure to be as affirmation.Fortunately, with some plans and/or additional efforts, you can be responsible for wearing felt soles.

  The biggest problem it feels is that it is dry and slow.Therefore, if you pick up some weird creatures in a river system and go to another completely different river system the next day, you can carry the organic body with you because it can live in that humid feeling.Once the sole is dry, any creature you pick up may die.For most fishermen who do not fish more than once a week, these soles have enough time to dry.Even so, it is best to clean them for safety.

  For people like me, every day on the water, until the end of the season, my feet are almost completely dry.But I don’t have to worry too much, because I keep entering the "system" of streaming.I will pick up something in the river and then transfer it back to Xiaohe!When I was worried, when I was going to the smoky restaurant on Tuesday, the end of the Klingqi River on Wednesday, and returned to the smoke on Thursday.Then, I risked something to move something from the champion to the smoke group.

  My solutions are more pairs of boots.I have a pair of rubber boots for tail flow, and the other pair of mountain shoes is the mountains.However, if you don’t want to buy two pairs of boots, you want to have felt shoes, and you may need to fish a day, and you can fish next day. It is necessary to clean up the boots between two travels.Many experts will tell you that if you catch multiple river systems for a few days, even if you use rubber soles, completely cleaning is the most reliable way to prevent foreigners from spreading.Therefore, this is just a good habit.

  Similarly, some popular areas are actually clean stations for this purpose.There is one of Thomson’s small river equipment.No matter whether the store is open, you can access it.Or, if you want to clean them at home, use water to completely hose boots, and then soak it for about 10 minutes to dissolve about 5 % of bleach and hot water.I also recommend rubbing the sole with a wire or hard brush.Then rinse again with a hose again.

  If you plan to go fishing for a few days somewhere and many river systems of fishing, just throw the garbage, brush and solutions into the car, you can prepare ready.If you want to enter the prohibited state, then you can definitely put on the opportunity to feel and seize the law, but this is a big risk.Yellowston National Park has just implemented a sense of felt ban and

  KORKERS boots with exchange soles can be put in prison for up to 6 months and a fine of $ 5,000.Suddenly, the cost of the second pair of wading boots sounded less bad, right?

  Similarly, this is the best solution for me.Alternatively, you may consider one of the Korker boots with exchanging soles.You can quickly change from the soles of the feeling of the same boots to the sole of the felt.

  Like everything I wrote, this is just a person’s opinion, and some facts there are mixed with some facts there.Find a system that suits you and responsible.If you are currently wearing rubber soles and like them, you must insist on using them.If you are mainly fish streams (such as many tail flows) with the bottom of the goose -ovary, you may be satisfied with rubber.For free mountains and streams with wet rocks, it feels difficult to be defeated, and it is my preference.

  However, I have kept an open attitude and kept looking for the next great choice.The annual technology and design technology and design are constantly developing.I hope to switch as soon as possible.