Review: Skwala RS waders

Relative to the newly come, Skwala (Skwala) entered the flying fishing market earlier this year, and its existing goal is to improve the expectations of fishermen to equipment.So far, their limited product lineups have turned their heads, providing fishermen with famous and welcome innovation.

Do you need a pair of lightweight wading more like pants?The carbon water -related device is suitable for the bill.Need a coat to keep you warm and dry in anything and Move with you on the water?Skwala’s RS jacket may be the answer.

SKWala and the latest products are its RS Wader, which are SKWALA and RSQUOO WADER. They are suitable for fishermen. They need high durability, durable functions, and comfortable water -related cases for the best and worst cases.Whether it is climbing on the boulder, through a thick brush, the temperature fishing for the second frozen temperature, or the countless abuse guidelines and the obsessed fisheries put the equipment on the equipment.Looking at the product’s eyes.Top, lasting performance.

Of course, what is the product put up To do and actual achievements are two things.In the past few months, I have the opportunity to catch RS wading. So far, they have shone in all my fishing conditions.

What is effective

Integrated wading zone

This is my favorite function of SKWala and RS waders.The wading belt is directly built in the wading, so it is impossible to lose.As a person who has recently performed potentially dangerous swimming in the river, I can prove how precious their wading waistbands at work.

However, more importantly, the waist support of the belt.Standing or rowing all day will cause losses to your back.SKWALA designed this wading belt to help the fishermen who follow it all day.

Shoulder strap

Just like on the carbon wader, Skwala uses a simple design on the shoulder straps.They were not clamped together, so you did not sit in front of your chest with two large plastic, waiting to catch the flight line.The design purpose of the belt is to slide the shoulders when the front zipper falls down.Pull up the zipper, everything is fixed in the appropriate position.

With a hook and a ring system, a hook and circulation system with sliding into the shoulder, the belt can be adjusted.配 配 Itself has a good distribution of weight, and of course it can help RS waders’ weight.


Skwala uses a proprietary fabric among its waders, and chose this point instead of the Gore-TEX used by some of the most outstanding competitors.This is an important and intentional choice, especially because Skwala CEO Kevin Sloan once held the same position in Sitka, which uses Gore-TEX in many products.In order to create a wader that pierced and tear -up like RS, Skwala designed its fabric from scratch.RS, specifically, has a four -layer breathable layer pressure plate, which is covered by polyester fiber fiber and double -weaving textile textiles.Those woven textiles make the waders particularly piercing and tearing, while the four layers of pressure plates can provide waterproof and breathable.

Even the durability of the fabric, it feels softer than you found among other "bomber" -grade waders.This is the design goals of Skwala’s people. They try to create the most comfortable and durable wading fabrics in the market.Similarly, this is why they choose their own fabrics.Skwala believes that it can better meet the needs of fishermen than the fabric we found in existing products.

Although I can talk about the details of wear resistance in the RS water -related device, I can say that I noticed that they are more breathable than other bombs, cold, and ultra -durable waders.Quantitative breathability is tricky, but for me, it depends on my comfort in wading.Even in the hot days, I will not feel swamps in RS wading.They are the first pair of heavy waders. From a comfortable perspective, I do not fear fear, which tells me that SKWala has a long formula with proprietary fabrics.

In terms of durability, Skwala spent several years to test the fabric under various challenging conditions.I once climbed the rocks on the rocks, went in and out of the drifting ship, and hiking on the brush and brown of the Luoji Mountains, climbing a lot of miles.So far, I haven’t noticed any obvious signs of wear.

Suitable and comfortable

If you follow the release of any new SKWALA equipment, then you now know that the company is highly focused on the equipment that moves with the fishermen, rather than the equipment that suppresses our sporting range.RS wading is one of the most comfortable wading I encountered in history. When I am on the water, they do well on moving with me.

SKWALA uses a unique Fourchette seam on the legs to improve its ability and comfort.The four seams are usually found in the gloves to increase the dexterity, which is a method that connects the fabric panel without inhibiting the scope of the wearer.The specific four seams in the RS water -related device aim to increase the pronunciation of the entire leg, making the wearer’s exercise freedom sometimes makes you feel that you do not wear wading.By putting Fourchettes on a specific spot in the wader, Skwala can create a mobile clothes and You have no obstacles encountered in boulder, wood or any other obstacles, rather than any other obstacles encountered on the water.

At present, no other wading manufacturers use four -color seams by SKWala, which makes them particularly unique.After using them for a few months, when I was wearing it, the RS wader’s movement with me was very good.In my opinion, freedom of sports is one of the first batch of characteristics that fishermen will notice when using RS on water.


The manual bag on the wool lining on both sides of the front zipper is spacious, enough to accommodate the flying box, a sharp wire shaft, and even some snacks.These manual bags are also zipper, which is a good touch that can increase more pocket space.

There are two zipper pockets on the top of the manual warm pocket, and there are also matching pockets inside the water atmospheric.In short, you will win your pockets in the RS waterwater.

What does not work

No tool pier

This is not a destroyer for me, but this may be some fishingmen.RS water -related tools do not have integrated tool docks, you can hang bleeding or other tools in it.This is consistent with their minimalist design, and I personally do not use any tool pier on any wader.But it is worth mentioning that RS Wader has no function.

The last sentence

RS waders are top -level solutions for SKWALA and the highest fishing conditions.By using proprietary fabrics, Skwala has built waders, claiming to establish new industry standards as durability and comfort.Skwala’s choice of choosing to use proprietary fabric seems to be risky on the face, but according to SKWALA, it enables them to build a wader to better meet the needs of the most challenging fishing conditions without sacrificing comfortable comfortsense.The 4 -layer fabric matrix of RS Waders is light, durable, warm, and breathable. It allows the excellent sports target SKWala to become a iconic among all its products.When wearing an RS water -related device, you will feel the freedom of exercise. This is very good. It sets a high standard for the water -related comfort.RS wader provides top -level performance, which helps to make the price of $ 800 more delicious.

The Fly Fishing Covered Bridge Challenge


George Liset

    Without a day, I don’t grateful to live or die in New Hampshire.

 Whenever I hit the river, lake and ponds in the New Hampshire, I have a flying rod in my hand, and I will feel blessings.Due to the mid -term elections, the price of gas is high, but because of the mid -term elections, I have been at home, which almost means that in the state.

    My youngest daughter Bacall is my occasional fishing partner. He has begun to climb the 484,000 feet mountain in New Hampshire.Her first two and one -year -old daughter climbed to her back.I left a deep impression on this.I have always wanted to be Abbarachia, but when I finally had time to do it, my knee went south.I am very grateful to have enough life to come in and out of the river and streams.

    Then I recently encountered a book and I had to buy it.The photo of this book is very large.This means less reading words.Irene Dupont published the "Capital: Bridge covered by New Hampshire" in 1986.The covered bridge is the iconic of New England.There are sixty -covered bridges in New Hampshire.I found that there were more than a hundred bridges covered by Vermont and Massachusetts.There are only nine in Maine.At that time, I thought that Maine should have passed the plan, otherwise we will kick them out of New England.just joking.There are many reasons for visiting in Maine, one of which is Atlantic salmon.

     When I checked this book, I wrote down how many bridges I have visited.I was surprised by how many people, and some of me even fishing.I recently fished for the Kangwei Bridge and Jackson’s honeymoon bridge across the Sarko River, across the Elis River.Then my mind began to fall along the rabbit hole.If my outstanding daughter can climb up the 48 -foot 4,000 -foot mountain, why can’t I fish 60 over -covered bridges?

    Then I started to consider a bridge challenge.All bridges pass through some water.I realize that not everyone may have fish, and fishing conditions may be outdated.When I tried to catch the Lenghe Bridge in Landon, because of the arid conditions, there was only a trio stream in the river.Then, I think the challenge may be as difficult or easy as you want to do.

    The challenge may be as easy as finding a bridge, taking pictures and throwing a line.This may be as difficult as trying to fish in every case.This will be a good way to explore the large state of New Hampshire with a flies.Another idea is that fish and games are usually invent by bridge.Just say!

GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University. The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.