World Record Fly-Rod Tog

Gary Jennings (Craig Cantelmo, Craig Cantelmo) near the spring of Fisher’s Island, New York.However, the stripteat dance performance in early June last year was very poor, so the fishermen formulated another plan.

"Craig told me about the shallow water fisheries of the Block Island Sound)," Craig, said, said, "Craig, said, said, and said it was the vision of a sporty fish."American Sports Fishing Association."This is very similar to the sight of the sheep’s head or red fish. It uses the same crab mode, which is used for tautog and shallow water is feeded around the shallow water.

"So, we went out. I caught 4 pounds of tautog scenes like red fish. We decided to really target them the next day and try to get a world record."

The next day, the fisherman set off in the Pathfinder Bayskiff of Cantelmo near Fishers Island. Although it was a bit dark, they found a major area for TAUTOG.They found a dark cruise tautog at the bottom of the lighter sand. Jenning made a crab thorns with 8 weight flies and lead -eye flies for casting.

"When the fish saw the flies sinking, it flew towards it and tilted, like bone fish or red fish, bringing the flies to the flies." "I just made a slow flight line, the lines were tight, fightinghere we go."

Jenning said that Tautog was fighting well, but soon wrapped around some weeds.They are worried about losing fish because it is hooked on a mild 8 -pound test tip, but they release TAUTOG, and Cantelmo collects the fish with a large net to bring it to the boat.

CANTELMO knows that this fish is a potential IGFA flying rod record, and uses IGFA BOGA to grip weighing tautog, and performs captured photos and measurements.They put the fish on their mainland network at the same time, so that they can stand on the difficult ground, and the fish is weighted on the IGFA -certified BOGA.

The length of TAUTOG is only 20 inches or more, weighs 6 pounds, and is eligible to obtain an open 8 -pound flying rod category that is qualified to obtain IGFA recognition.Then, in most programs, the fish was released into the large network of CANTELMO, which was not harmed and very active.

Jennings said: "We just ecstatic about getting the ball and potential records, but this day is still very young, and we immediately return to fishing." "We later caught some stripping dancer and carried out another outstanding New York flying.Stranger travel. "

After filling in all IGFA paper work and sending photos, a few weeks later, Jenning’s flying rod TAUTOG was accepted as the 8 -pound sharp -spike world record of the species.

Experience Fabulous Fly Fishing At These Five Locations

September is usually a good time for fishing EssenceIn October, when the Brown catfish season reached its peak, it was one of the best flying fisheries.From November to December, it is also an excellent time to fishing from streams and rivers, because at this year, water can be cool and restless.

According to the basic flying fishing equipment, including rods, scrolls, flight lines and leaders.Flying fishermen do not use bait, but use artificial flies.Most flying rods are longer and more flexible than rotating sticks.The flying rod must be bent enough to cast the flight line without your extra work to bring the flight to the place you want.Flying lines are heavier and thicker than conventional fishing lines.It is covered by plastic, and the weight of the flight line itself is to promote its weight forward when casting.

AU Sable River in Michigan

Michigan has a few miles of lakes and rivers flying more than anywhere in the country.The state’s water is only about 20,000 miles of cold, high -quality catfish water, and is also a homeland that fishes and fishing species, including large and small bass, rollover, Crappie, northern Parker, Muskellunge, etc.In fact, the AU Sable River is recognized as one of the most important flying destinations of the country.After 138 miles, this river passed through the northern Peninsula, including the town of Greylin and Mio, and entered Lake Houlun, Osoka. It is recommended to fish in Grayling in AU Sable River and named it one of the "5 best catfish fishing towns". Gray areas are asylum for people who seek outdoor activities.

,,,, Lake, New York Pleiside

With hand -grinded wood and decoration, such as comfortable carpet living room and handmade Adiidak furniture, the WhiteFace Lodge of Lake Price in New York, with few resorts, can stand out for the Adverlaska Mountains.The hotel evoked the heyday of the 19th century, with a wooden appearance, comfortable carpet living room and cast iron fireplace.The Lake Placid area provides a wealth of fly fishing choices.Ausable River’s western branch is the most popular fly fishing spot in the area because the fishermen are impressed by the catfish of these waters.From mid -May to the end of September is the golden time of fishing here.Two receiving areas and release areas opened throughout the year.You will also find a lot of catfish on the east branch, which is more peaceful than the western branch.

, Grassland, Virginia

Primland Resort is located on 12,000 acres of land in the center of Blue Ridge, Virginia. It is a majestic annual mountain land false meeting, providing a real unique experience for various travelers.With endless outdoor adventures, guests can explore unrepaired wilderness through hunting, fishing and other regions.Experienced fisheries will be excited about the capture and release options, while the unparalleled Dan River is unparalleled.Family.For beginners, Kibler Valley is increasingly providing guests with three reserve ponds to capture their own catfish or bass lunch, or experience in Kibler Valley.Capture and release fishing in the wide and tolerant river.Guests can purchase fishing permits on property, and all groups will be accompanied by a expert from Primland Fly Fishing Guides.

, San Dafi, New Mexico State

With the on -site stream, guests can learn the art of fishing without having to set foot on property.The flies fishing outpost base of the resort is operated by the enchantment of the equipment injected by ORVIS, allowing guests to buy fishing permits, scrolls, rods, clothing, sunglasses, fishing equipment, etc.

Flying fishing experience includes:

  • Full immersive fly fishing: For those who have just started fishing or fishermen who want to hone specific skills, the courses of the past two days are a great choice.On the first day, you will spend on the bishop hut on the outpost base of the fly fishing to cover all aspects of the fly fishing: casting, flies selection, knot, basic insect learning, fishing methods and technologies.The next day, guests and guides will set off from the hut, fishing for one of the best fishing locations in the area for a whole day.
  • Spirituality through fishing: Flying fishing is not necessarily fishing.Outdoor, slowing down and observing the experience of nature and surrounding environment is the art of fishing in many aspects.Bishop’s Lodge provides the same specific travel for the inner peace and harmony as nature, just like fishing.Learning how to become a person with nature and water will eventually make even skilled fishermen more proficient.
  • Private fishing at Valles crater: For those who want to experience exclusive fishing experience, the outpost base provides tour guides for tour guides in the region.These travels are usually one of the most memorable experiences of flies fishermen.In addition to beauty and seclusion, private water can also provide fishermen with the best opportunity to capture and land trophy sizes.

, Utah Parker City

Auberge Resorts Collection is adjacent to UINTA-WASATCH-CACHE National Forest. The Blue Sky Hotel is a 3500-acre private pasture. Guests can spend epic adventures here, and then enjoy delicious food and enjoy repeated awarded spas and luxury spa.Deluxe accommodation immersed in the center nature.Heli-Fly Fishing provides enthusiasts with opportunities that can explore farther place in Utah, and at the same time, enjoy natural contact with human contact at the same time.Take the short -lived helicopter to the mountains and valleys to the advanced mountains and mountains.The guests will fish the mountains and lakes, rivers and streams. These lakes are primitive and not touched. At the same time, they are amazed by the diversity of catfish in the local Utah.