The Best Fishing Rods and Reels of ICAST 2022

Seeing the things hidden behind the curtains on the big equipment show are always exciting. This year is no exception.From the new twists and turns of the old class to completely innovative fishing technology, Icast 2022 There are many things to provide.

In terms of fishing gear, there are endless small tools, small hair and choice.If you ask me, it is the most exciting handmade equipment.

Therefore, the following is the fishing rod and scroll, which has won the highest honor in 2022.

St Croix Legend

San Cruwa It is no stranger to winning the award for iCast, and there were many categories in the past.This year, this wild grip is bold.The legendary championship bass rod has a surprising feeling of tactics.Did you see it?

The pistol grip is nothing new in the fishing world, but St. Cruca decides to look at the idea literally.When you can shoot in the water, why should a line be applied?

Ugly Stek carbon

Ugly Stik The design of carbon lattice series is the main force.The blank is built by 24 tons of carbon, with a solid graphite tip and a stainless steel catheter.The goal here is to provide the maximum durability while maintaining light and response speed.

The appearance is cool.The bright black components on the silver details and the blue rods of the salt water make the pole look clean and looks clean.

Shimano spheros salt water combination

This Shimano SPHEROS SW Combo is a rotating cast stick, which aims to perform on the ocean.This package includes a redesigned SPHEROS SW rotating scroll, which has SHIMANO’s Infinity Drive technology.Increasing power and smoother rotation are the goals of this updated scroll.

The pole can throw away artificial and live bait. There is an EVA handle and a large scroll seat, which can find a job when fighting is difficult.

Hardy Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel

This Harge Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel is a beautiful.This is one of the few scrolls of the performance to my.It feels good in my hand.It is important, but still lightweight.

The constructor of the scroll revolves around the waterproof wheels that accommodate carbon fiber disk resistance systems.Obbacking the main component from salt water will definitely extend the life of your scroll.

I am glad to see Hardy waving waves on this side of the pond.

Shimano Stella Fk Reel

first, Stra FK It just looks cool.Its smooth, artillery, monochrome aesthetics are pleasant.Having said that, it is also established for performance.Like SPHEROS Combo Reel, Stella FK has an unlimited drive of Shimano.You may not need to use saline -grade game fish power on freshwater scrolls, but you still want to land on what you pursue.

I think an underestimated function is to increase the anti -twist fin to reduce the distortion of the line.If you have instantly growing yourself into a terrible cycle of bird’s nest, then you will know what I mean.The line distortion may be ruined all day … reel Fast.

Pure Fishing, INC.Penn authority rotation scroll

Pennsylvania Permanent rotation scrolls are preferred to maintain the internal working status.The line shaft and body are sealed to prevent saline from reaching the internal component, even if the scroll is completely immersed.The institutional rotation scroll can be used almost and can be used almost. You find that any fishing scenario you find is suitable

Bull Bay Tackle Company’s Banshee Fly Rod ($ 399) has a definition function. It is separated from all other new flying rods on the market -the ring design of the top design of the grip is corresponding: heavier.

Is it a person who changes the rules of the game?No, is it cool?Absolutely.

This is one of the small details of flying fishermen.The neutral tone of the rod and the package makes it smooth, almost retro, and the price hit the sweet middle position.

N.H. Foliage and Fly Fishing

George Liset took a photo with the northern rural fisherman Steve Angers.Polite photo


George Liset

    Flying fishing in autumn may be my favorite fishing time.It is cold in the morning, but the sun will soon be warmed up.Fishing is comfortable and occasionally succeed.The highlight is that leaves will never disappoint.

    I have been waiting for the news from sources to hear the news about the inland salmon from the River River from Wimpeit, but everything is quiet.My son Reed has a few hours of fishing, so I asked him if he wanted to meet and drive to North Conway in Ossipee.I told him that I was not sure what would happen to fish, but the leaves would not disappoint us.I mentioned that we can detect some attractions in spring.

    Ride asked me what flying rod would bring, and I mentioned my triple weight. Ellis and Pibi and my six -weight rod throw some ribbons on the Sark River.I also mentioned that I would like to stop at the northern rural fishermen’s flight shop to see the owner Steve Angers and get the latest information about water fishing.

    Highway 16 is relaxing.The traffic is not bad, even on a slightly cloudy day, the color and scenery are spectacular.CHocorua Lake drove as a greeting card in Washington Valley.Blood pressure starts to decline, you can start to relax.North Conway is always busy due to its popularity and beauty.This is not just a winter destination.

    When we opened it, we arrived in the northern country. There was a group of customers who wanted to do. What we wanted to do, got the internal spoons and picked up some flies.The demeanor of Steve Angers, the owner of the owner, is in the video of the latest fishing conditions in Mount Washington Valley in Facebook.

     After Steve and I caught up, I told him where we were thinking of fishing.Steve mentioned that with the arrival of cold weather, the river did slow down. Rainbow and Brooks were going to the source to flow water. When the eggs were spawned, Brown was driving down the river.Steve brought me to a fly.Steve has clothes on the name of the river.There are fly fishing around the nails, attracting some fish.

    Steve also provides free fishing maps in the area, which is a cheap product in itself.After we bought some flies, Reed and I went to the part of the Elis River Flying.We stringed three weight rods and tied it to a certain size 18-Caddis flies. The size was 20 bauhons, and began to show some fishy pools.

    The river in Washington Valley is classified as a free stone river, which means that many rocks can move around to reach where you are going.

 I might add that if you have any help experience.I also have to add that the rock is slippery.I know this was because I fell.The good news is that I did not break the flying rod or head, but my ass still pain.

We didn’t have much luck, so we picked up and hit a few attractions just to check them.

     Time was exhausted, so we hit the convergence of the Swift River and the Sark River and threw some ribbons.We finished my photos under the Saco River Covinger Bridge, where I had to take some leaves of the leaves.Ride said I look pretty good.When we drove home, the sun came out, which only enlarged the color. This is a suitable outcome of a beautiful morning.

 GDover’s Eorge Liset is an award -winning outdoor writer and fanather. He shared him on the water to explore the streams and rivers of the New Hampshire on the water and the river and New England.The insights of the river.George graduated from Weton College of Illinois and New Hampshire University. The column of New England News Association and New Hampshire News Association has been awarded.

This creek catfish color in the autumn of the water.Polite photo

The Fly Fishing Guide to Southern Trout

Flying fishing guide for southern catfish

  Flying fishing guide: Jeff Curtis, Curtis Wright

  Western North Carolina does not want the catfish stream to flow, so under the radar of the target, a river is easy to flow.More than 4,000 miles of cold, clear public catfish pouring out of the mountain, creating primitive habitats for wild and stored catfish.The South toe River is located in the shadow of Mount Mitchell. When discussing the trophy trolley stream, it usually does not pop up the top of the list, but it may be done.Jeff Curtis, co -founder of Curtis Wright Outfitters, started guiding in the area 15 years ago and prefers the southern toe for its wild catfish and technology fishing.

  He said: "For my southern toe, this is more about the method, not scared fish -keep low -key and tangled fish -exactly to match the cabin."

  The tributary of southern toe water near Lanling Park Avenue, Mount Mitchell runs cold and clean; lack of residential or commercial runoffs will make this free source flow very healthy. This river is divided into three parts, wild brown, rainbow and local stream catfish in the upper wild catfish area of ??the upper -level camping site, the pools, shallow beaches and boulder fields. There is a mile of fishing and release around the camping site. It only comes around and the lower part of the camping site, running through the Yancey County Entertainment Park, so it has been supported by the incubation field. Although the different parts provide something for everyone, Curtis chose the wild catfish above the camping place to obtain the beauty and consistent trunual flies of the stream.

  He said: "This is a bit of personality." "Because some of its stretching is captured and released, it almost feels like fish behind some rocks. You know, if you can get a good actor, FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be FISH will be. Sit there because you caught him last week. "

  Flies // Cadis, Thunder, yellow Palmer, yellow stimulator, parachute Adams, parachute blue wing olives, Charlie, Charlie WHINGPER, hare ears

  Enter // Traveling 11 miles from Highway 19, and then turn right to S. TOE RIVER Road, which will take you to the Heishan camp. You can also enter S. TOE RIVER Road/Forest Road 472 from Blue Ridge Parkway.

  Guide Reba Brinkman, Hunter Bank Company

  In the previous life, Reba Brinkman was an advertising consultant of a small enterprise, but found that he kept abandoning his work to go to the water. Hunter Banks Fly Shop, Ashville, North Carolina, met an accidental encounter, prompting her to quit her daily work and join the team. In addition to becoming a guide, she is now a planning director of the store, and also manages the flight fishing expo in western North Carolina. The story of "Ad EXEC Trow Fish Guide" is as old as time, but Brinkman has never turned back.

  She said, "It’s great." "I think this is my call."

  Whether it is to guide customers or fishing for a day, she likes to go to the North Mils River between Ashville and Hendersonville. Although Davidson is not as famous as its neighbors, he has a special location in Brinkman’s heart. The erosion problem once damaged the health of the river, but the catfish involved infinitely and built a low fence to keep the fishermen from the banks of the river, and re -introduced the indigenous plants to establish the river bank border and provide habitat and shadow. The result was dramatic and transformed the North mill back to the former fisheries.

  "I like to bring customers because when I teach them how to fish, I can also point out our protection work, show them the importance of maintaining protection, and show them how important this is to maintain our nature. Resources. "Brillman said. "Especially the North mill is a perfect example, which shows how desperate this river is, but through enthusiastic fishermen and protectors, we have repaired this."

  From October to June, the northern mill is now rich in streams, rainbow and brown catfish, and the harvest part of 3 miles is divided into two parts. The lower part of the North Mills camping can provide instant channels and opportunities for easy wading, while the upper part of Trace Ridge Trailhead requires a brief hiking and stronger foundation. Brinkeman said that the river "reads like textbooks", running, shallow beaches and swimming pools, and it is recommended to use nymphs, although the blue -wing olives and Kadis cabin are also rich.

  Flies // worms, wild chicken tails, blue -wing olives, Cardis, March brown, attractor pattern, fanatical bugg

  Visit // Take away from ASHEVILLE to Highway 26 to the airport road from ASHEVILLE to the airport. Turn right to the North Mils River Road, and then follow the logo along the North Mils River, where there is a cost parking lot.

  The rest

  Davidson (Davidson

  Flying Fishing Guide: Harry Murray, Murray’s flying shop

  To say that Harry Murray is a legend in the fly fishing community, which is described lightly. Murray was born and grew up in Shenandoah Valley, and has participated in the flies fishing competition.

  He recalled: "I am just interested in high school fishing. After graduating from college, I opened a flight shop in 62 years." "We are the oldest flying shop in Virginia, which may be the biggest."

  Between Winchester and Harrisonburg, the beginning of his career teaching at Murray Flying Store in Murray, Eddaria, Virginia, and invented fishing technology and equipment. In addition to writing articles for national fishing publications, Merry also wrote 14 books about the theme, such as the Virginian blue ribbon fishing guide, the catfish fishing fishing in Shirlando National Park, and the delicate fishing skills of the master. He also invented countless flight patterns for catfish and small bass. Murray’s first love is the flying fishing of a small person on the Shenandoah River, but the creek catfish fishing is the second time. Murray’s store is the only license to be guided in the stream in Shenandoah National Park, but his favorite river wets a line for catfish. Big Stony Creek. It is not difficult to see why: the big stone flows through the back door of his store in the center of Edinburgh.

  Murry said: "This is a Fuji passage, with about six or eight miles of water." "There are many good springs that can keep the water level horizontal. You can fish nymphs, ribbons or dry -no matter which one you like."

  The term "Stony Creek" is one of the ubiquitous names, especially in Virginia. Stony Creek in the Shenandoah County version of Stony Creek flows into Edinburgh from the mountains of the George Washington National Forest, and has BrooK, Rainbow and Brown Trout. Murray claims that the big stone is the best inventory fishing in the state, and the best place is to rob the stove of Colombia. When you get into the river from here, the water becomes thin, but the scenery becomes better. Before departure, be sure to check Murray twice a week’s online fishing report. You can even move upward in a tributary named Little Stony Creek and fish for wild streams.

  Fly // Raidan, Stonefly, blue -wing olives, elk hair Cardis, Royal Wolf, olive stimulator, Shenke’s cricket

  Visit // Take Stony Creek Road from Edinburgh and follow the stream to the Columbia oven. On the right side of Highway 42 is the left side of Wolf Gap Road, which will enable you to be near Xiaoshi Creek. Be sure to stop in Murdo; he will be able to provide you with maps and all local knowledge.

  The rest

  Big Run, Passage Creek, Whitetop Laurel, Rapidan, Ramsay draft

  Flying fishing guide: Ian & Charity Rutter, R & R Fly Fishing

  The relationship between the population of Dashan Mountain National Park and the catfish population is somewhat up and down. Once it is threatened by logging, the entire catfish population is now booming in the park. Ian Rutter has been fishing smoke since the early 1990s, almost guiding. He flew organically, found fish during hiking, and learned how to fly fish to fish. In 2006, Rutter and his wife’s charity founded R & R Fly Fishing in Townsend. They also collaborated with several books, including the companion of the fishing fisherman of the Dayan Mountain National Park, and "Fishing GSMNP Open Guide". Townsnd is located outside the border of the park, but the traces of the road on the track are the couple’s favorite catfish fisheries: small river, a typical mountain catfish stream. To each pebble.

  Ian said that between guiding clients and free time fishing, he spent about 100 days a year fishing for this small river. This is the main reason: variety shows. There are about 15 miles on the roadside entrance point above the Elkmont camp in the park, and a small diameter of 12 miles. The lower part can provide larger water and enter immediately, while the upper hiking part is more distant and higher. This also transformed into a variety of fish.

  Ian explained: "You can get up there, only one hour fishing, and there is a short time that it is easy to reach in a short period of time." Hiking and camping in remote areas without seeing others. Everyone has something. "

  Whether you are on the upstream tributary of the fishing or the lower part, you will find that all the fish are wild, which means that they are smarter than ordinary catfish. Although it is a wild catfish river, the population of a small population has a strong population, with a range of 2,000-3,000 per mile, and can grow according to any standards.

  Ian said: "About one year or twice, some people will hook a good fish in the" wet pants "category." "They often lose it because they don’t expect such a big thing."

  The experience of fishing in GSMNP is the beauty of rivers and wild animals and plants. Ian said that every month or occasional Turkey and otters see the black bear several times that the black bear will never be old. Charity said that in such an original environment, the natural aspects of fishing play an overall guidance philosophy.

  She said: "For us, share our understanding of water, fish and national parks, so that others can love it and protect it like us."

  Flies // parachute Adams, pheasant nymphs, Telco nymphs, May Fly Patters, Kui Gordon, Hendrickson, Stone Fly.

  Enter // Enter from TowNSEND and enter the park 73 to the east. Get off at a convenient place, or continue until you reach Elkmont camping. Here, you can enter the rivers and its tributaries through Little River Trail.

  The rest

  Hazel Creek, Clinch TailWater, South Fork Holston TailWater, Little Pigeon, Abrams Creek

  Flying Fishing Guide: Kent Klewein, scroll fishing

  The catfish requires cold water to survive. Therefore, when discussing Brooks, bow and arrows, and brown fly fishing, those states in the depths of Dick West will not immediately think of it. Georgia is famous for its sultry summer and vast areas of coastal areas, so it is easy to ignore. However, you will find another story to the mountains of North Geori.

  "Beecia is a legitimate catfish fishing destination. This is very similar to fishing in western North Carolina or East Temple." "All of our mountains are very similar. You can fish 100 % of the wild sacrifice. Fish is challenged, even if you are a advanced flying fisherman who fish for a lifetime. "

  Clewin should know: he has been fishing and instructing him most of his time in northern Georgia. Klewein has been fascinated by flying fishing since he was 10 years old. He is the owner of the REEEL JOB FISHING of Blue Ridge, George, and published Fly with the fishing partner and photographer Louis Cahill. Fishing Blog Gink & Gasoline. Clewin said that on the TOCCOA River outside the Blue Ridge, one of the best places for Georgia’s trophy.

  The Toccoa River is a tail flow flowing from the east of the small town, with rainbow and brown catfish. You can choose to fish on the four public channels, but Clewin is recommended to use drift ships, canoe or kayak to cover as much water as much as possible. Two main floats from dams to Curtis Switch or Curtis Switch to Horse Shoe Bend Park will provide you with the best opportunities and cast the surprisingly big catfish for TOCCOA.

  Clewin said: "The river has 16 miles, so there are a lot of water. The fact is that there are thousands of catfish every year, so at least you know that you are going to a place with a fish." "The most important thing is that there are some breeding fish, and there are many reservations, so everyone has something."

  On the top of the lake, Shangtoco is still relatively large, and the water temperature during the summer peak rises, although the water temperature rises. Clewin said that the upper part of the river is a beautiful water, and there is a two -mile delayed harvest near the top of the lake. Several small tributaries like NOONTOOTLA CREEK and Rock Creek also flowed into Topoa and holding wild catfish. However, if you follow the big boy, there is only one place to go. Tail water is equal to large water, big water is equal to big fish … if you can capture them. Even if the inventory fish, Clewin insists on landing that fool, you must still be at the peak of the game.

  He said: "They are there." "Some people captured 12 pounds of catfish from [TOCCOA]. This is only one of them. First, you can’t realize it; you only need to spend some time. One, you only need to fish smartly, and you can make the actors fool those bigger fish. "

  Flies // tiny black stone flies, blue-wing olives, Griffith Gnat, WD-40, Beatis Nymph, March Brown, Hendrickson, Hendrickson, Olive Caddis, Sulfur.

  Enter the river, enter the river, take the Highway 76/515 from the Lanling to the west, and then put it on the dam of Beihe Road. To water, please enter one of the other three access sites-below the dam, the Horse Shoe Bend Park of Curtis Switch Road or McCaysville enters the river into the river -Yes must ensure that the river that enters these locations on the side of the river and leave the river. Private land.

  The rest

  Chattooga, Cohutta, Jacks Creek, Conosauga, Cooper Creek

  Flying Fishing Guide: SAM KNOTTS, Abbarachia Flying Fishing Guide Service

  Seneca Creek is the flow of West Virginia. This is one of the 100 best catfish streams in the United States. This stream itself is a small and medium -sized free stream, with several small waterfalls on it, good running and deep swimming pools. Several small tributaries to eat in Seneca, which enabled the state’s unparalleled stream quality to support healthy reproduction, wild rainbow and Brook catfish.

  He said: "You must walk into fishing [Seneca], not everyone fishing." "You have some of the most beautiful catfish provided with local Brook catfish and wild rainbow. We have the most primitive stream in the state. "

  Walking refers to the best extension of entering Seneca Creek, which is different from most streams in this list. Seneca Creek’s signs of trails to the river, and the medium hiking of two miles will allow you to enter the best position of the river. This is the five miles between the low waterfall and the Judy Springs Campground Upriver. In the steep canyon, there are 10 miles of fish water. This is an excellent opportunity for a few days in tents and fish, especially considering the free camping rules of the area. Knotts has been fishing for nearly 40 years of history, but it is still not tired of this stream, mainly because of the loneliness and beauty of this mountain stream. On Seneca, you can guarantee that you can provide water for yourself almost any day.

  He said: "Matching with the cabin is my favorite thing, fishing is not too stressful or many people’s fishing." "I like smaller streams. You are far away from people, this is just more beautiful."

  Flies // Batlier’s ears nymphs, Prince of Nymal, wool, TRUDE, Hendrickson, Blue Wing Olive, QUILL GORDON, Light Cahill, Landland, Land

  Visit // Travel west along route 33/55 from Seneca Rocks, and enter Whites Run Road about five miles. Find a small parking area on Allegheny Mountains Trailhead, and along the path along the stream.

  The rest

  The north fork of Potomak in the south, the back fork of the elk, the shaving knife fork, the black water canyon, the cranberry?