The Best Fishing Rods and Reels of ICAST 2022

Seeing the things hidden behind the curtains on the big equipment show are always exciting. This year is no exception.From the new twists and turns of the old class to completely innovative fishing technology, Icast 2022 There are many things to provide.

In terms of fishing gear, there are endless small tools, small hair and choice.If you ask me, it is the most exciting handmade equipment.

Therefore, the following is the fishing rod and scroll, which has won the highest honor in 2022.

St Croix Legend

San Cruwa It is no stranger to winning the award for iCast, and there were many categories in the past.This year, this wild grip is bold.The legendary championship bass rod has a surprising feeling of tactics.Did you see it?

The pistol grip is nothing new in the fishing world, but St. Cruca decides to look at the idea literally.When you can shoot in the water, why should a line be applied?

Ugly Stek carbon

Ugly Stik The design of carbon lattice series is the main force.The blank is built by 24 tons of carbon, with a solid graphite tip and a stainless steel catheter.The goal here is to provide the maximum durability while maintaining light and response speed.

The appearance is cool.The bright black components on the silver details and the blue rods of the salt water make the pole look clean and looks clean.

Shimano spheros salt water combination

This Shimano SPHEROS SW Combo is a rotating cast stick, which aims to perform on the ocean.This package includes a redesigned SPHEROS SW rotating scroll, which has SHIMANO’s Infinity Drive technology.Increasing power and smoother rotation are the goals of this updated scroll.

The pole can throw away artificial and live bait. There is an EVA handle and a large scroll seat, which can find a job when fighting is difficult.

Hardy Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel

This Harge Fortuna Regent Saltwater Fly Reel is a beautiful.This is one of the few scrolls of the performance to my.It feels good in my hand.It is important, but still lightweight.

The constructor of the scroll revolves around the waterproof wheels that accommodate carbon fiber disk resistance systems.Obbacking the main component from salt water will definitely extend the life of your scroll.

I am glad to see Hardy waving waves on this side of the pond.

Shimano Stella Fk Reel

first, Stra FK It just looks cool.Its smooth, artillery, monochrome aesthetics are pleasant.Having said that, it is also established for performance.Like SPHEROS Combo Reel, Stella FK has an unlimited drive of Shimano.You may not need to use saline -grade game fish power on freshwater scrolls, but you still want to land on what you pursue.

I think an underestimated function is to increase the anti -twist fin to reduce the distortion of the line.If you have instantly growing yourself into a terrible cycle of bird’s nest, then you will know what I mean.The line distortion may be ruined all day … reel Fast.

Pure Fishing, INC.Penn authority rotation scroll

Pennsylvania Permanent rotation scrolls are preferred to maintain the internal working status.The line shaft and body are sealed to prevent saline from reaching the internal component, even if the scroll is completely immersed.The institutional rotation scroll can be used almost and can be used almost. You find that any fishing scenario you find is suitable

Bull Bay Tackle Company’s Banshee Fly Rod ($ 399) has a definition function. It is separated from all other new flying rods on the market -the ring design of the top design of the grip is corresponding: heavier.

Is it a person who changes the rules of the game?No, is it cool?Absolutely.

This is one of the small details of flying fishermen.The neutral tone of the rod and the package makes it smooth, almost retro, and the price hit the sweet middle position.

2022 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award results announced

The story of John D. Sargeant is a enthusiastic, humorous but intoxicating story, telling a man and his dog like Tapeng fishing.?

The winning entries will receive a prize of $ 2,500 and can be read on the website of the American Flying Fishing Museum."A dog named fish" will be in the winter of 2023 or the spring of 2023, "American Flying Fishermen", "American Flying Flying Fishing Magazine".

The winner Frank Sargeant is the author of "Ten Outdoor Activities" and "Boat Book", and it is also a regular writer of many outdoor magazines and online publications.He is a former fishing guide -at Homosassa in Florida, where his story happened -and had many dogs with his best friends and fishing companions.He has a master’s degree in English at the University of Ohio at Athens, Ohio.

"I am really honored to be the winner of this year. Robert Traver Award is a great driving force for talented writers to make the best works.Find, the elements of competition add special spices to each year. I am very grateful to the committee’s hard work in organizing and judging the competition every year, "Sargeant said.

The Traver award also awarded two other entries for honor awards: Dorset, Vanity Plates of Sarah Holly Bryant, "Western Waters, 2022", which was Paul Kennebeck, Dan Buddha, Colorado.

The stories mentioned in these two honors were found on the American Flying Fishing Website, and their writers will receive a prize of $ 250 respectively.

The game in 2022 attracted 86 stories and prose.Participating works were anonymous and led to seven finalists.The other four finalists are:

  • Richard Landerman’s "how to win the bronze star" of Richard Landerman in Sandy, Utah
  • ?David Gray-Clough in NATO County, Britain?
  • ?Katie Macdonald, Sherlock, Prince Edward Island, Canada,
  • Chris O’Byrne’s "wedding planner" of Chris O’Byrne, Florida,?

Traver Award is named after Robert Traver. The versatile of John D. Voelker is the author of "Trout Madness, Trout Magic, Trout Magic, Fisherman’s anatomy".Smile white fish.Judge Voelker also served as 74th Judicial from 1956 to 1960 in the Supreme Court of Michigan.The title of "Fishing" is the title of "Traver".